Airventure 2003. . . WOW!

Written by Pat Redmond

If you're just getting back from OshKosh, I'm sure you'll agree. . . Great Show! Inrepparttar seven years that I've maderepparttar 116300 pilgrimage, I've still not seen it all!

This year, I committed to see parts ofrepparttar 116301 show that I'd still not seen before. I visitedrepparttar 116302 Fly Market - a collection of vendors selling everything from aircraft parts to T-shirts. I walked throughrepparttar 116303 Airbus Beluga and was amazed by its capabilities. This year wasrepparttar 116304 first year I ate from one ofrepparttar 116305 food concessions! Inrepparttar 116306 past, I've leftrepparttar 116307 grounds for a lunch but found that I was losing too much valuable Airventure time.

But even with a 4 day trip, it's impossible to see everything! I'll just have to go back again next year!

Things I still need to see at OshKosh:

When Weather Diverts You. . .

Written by Pat Redmond

It's part of flying, and there's nothing you can do about it. . . perhaps.

You're trying to get to your destination, or maybe you're trying to get home. You look atrepparttar weather and no matter how you plot out your time, direction of flight, and other options, you're staying put!

Blessing or curse?

I guess it depends what you'd like to make of it.

Flying home from OshKosh I met up with a couple stranded atrepparttar 116299 Mason County Airport (LDM) in Ludington,Michigan. If I were to be stranded anywhere, Ludington would be my dream! Beautiful sandy beaches on Lake Michigan have made this town one ofrepparttar 116300 busiest resort towns in Michigan.

Again, blessing or curse?

This couple called over 40 hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts only to find all of them sold out! Once again they reviewed their options. Fly to Ann Arbor for a better position inrepparttar 116301 morning, sleep inrepparttar 116302 plane, make use ofrepparttar 116303 comfortable lounge furniture inrepparttar 116304 terminal lobby?

The adventure continued. . .

A call from a local Bed and Breakfast revealed that there was one room they hadn't discovered. They'd have to share a bathroom, and there was no air conditioning, but there was a "bed" and a "breakfast!"

It turns out that this couple had also spentrepparttar 116305 night in Ludington onrepparttar 116306 way over to OshKosh when weather prevented them from flying acrossrepparttar 116307 lake.

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