Airline software specialists IBS launches SmartCargo at ACF in Bilbao- A web-based solution for airline cargo management

Written by Pradeep P. Suthan

Bilbao, Spain – September 15, 2004 – IBS Software Services (IBS) today launched its new-generation Cargo solution – SmartCargo at TIACA’s 22nd International Air Cargo Forum and Exposition here in Bilbao. SmartCargo is a web-based solution that comprehensively meetsrepparttar needs ofrepparttar 133449 core cargo operations of airlines.SmartCargo is an effective tool for cargo capacity management, tracking, pricing, AWB stock control and ULD management. It enables accurate estimation of available cargo capacities using historical information, increases revenue through better management of available capacities, maintains integrated cargo tariffs helping airlines to price their services better. It provides up-to-the-minute information on shipment status and facilitates communication of shipment status torepparttar 133450 supplier/customer. It also gives customers direct access to airline services viarepparttar 133451 Internet. Significantly,repparttar 133452 system minimises errors in data capture that translates into substantial savings in time and cost.Associated withrepparttar 133453 launching of SmartCargo, Mr. V K Mathews, IBS Chairman and Managing Director was all praise forrepparttar 133454 team that came up with this innovative product. He said, “SmartCargo is a futuristic solution that supportsrepparttar 133455 integrated management of cargo reservations and ground operations of modern cargo carrying airlines. Built on technologies that offer scalability, it can be customised to meet current and future business needs”. SmartCargo is a product that has understoodrepparttar 133456 needs ofrepparttar 133457 airline cargo industry and has delivered a very user-friendly solution.Whilst SmartCargo is capable of interfacing with a multitude of airline systems, it also facilitates in providing information to Departure Control, Load Balancing, Revenue Accounting, Financial Accounting, Passenger Reservation and Customs. Peter Cefai – (COO, IBS-Europe) said, “With this launch of SmartCargo, IBS has established itself as a new generation cargo and logistics solutions provider. In fact, IBS has combined domain vision and path-breaking ideas with technology expertise and domain experience, to create a cost-effective solution to solve business challenges of today and tomorrow”.IBS recently partnered with Cendant Travel Distribution Services (TDS), a division of Cendant Corp. forrepparttar 133458 marketing of IBS’ new generation Passenger Services System designed to replace legacy technologies. IBS domain expertise was key to implementing a sophisticated new generation cargo terminal operations system forrepparttar 133459 Emirates Group and implementing a comprehensive mail management system for Qantas Freight.

A New DVD Format War

Written by Roger Faraway

Just when you thought it was safe to buy a nice new all-singing all dancing DVD player/recorder, along comes a new format war to add to an already confusing marketplace.

Oncerepparttar original DVD standard settled down, DVD players quickly became one ofrepparttar 133448 most successful consumer items of all time. The new format revitalisedrepparttar 133449 home entertainment market, and hardware manufacturers benefited both directly and indirectly, as enthusiasts clamoured to buy bigger and better televisions and sound equipment to getrepparttar 133450 best from their new DVD players.

Then came recordable DVD, butrepparttar 133451 problem, as is so oftenrepparttar 133452 case, was that there were a number of different recording standards, all of them incompatible. It was just like Betamax versus VHS all over again. Now low-cost multi-format recorders supporting allrepparttar 133453 standards are hittingrepparttar 133454 streets,repparttar 133455 recording problem is becoming less of an issue, and so one could be forgiven for thinking that’srepparttar 133456 end ofrepparttar 133457 format wars.

But technology has a habit of advancing at a relentless pace, and now a new battle is set to commence. The hi-tech companies are fighting it out to establishrepparttar 133458 standard for next-generation “high capacity” DVDs. Higher capacities will allow for even better picture and sound quality thanrepparttar 133459 existing standard, and will become more popular as high definition televisions really start to take off.


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