Air Sanders: Forget electric, go air!

Written by Jason Miller

An air sander is a common air tool often overlooked by most people. If you already have an air compressor to run your impact wrench, you may consider purchasing an air sander instead of an electric model. Your average offrepparttar shelf electric sander is fine for little home projects. But if you are really concerned about production and speed, an air sander will blow it away. These tools are also more rugged, versatile and lighter. The main reason isrepparttar 149653 power source is your air compressor, notrepparttar 149654 little electric motor inrepparttar 149655 sander. This also makes them easier to fit into weird places and hold over your head to reach a ceiling. Atrepparttar 149656 end ofrepparttar 149657 day,

Why Double Glazing

Written by Matthew Anthony

Why replace your single-glazed windows with double glazing ? For most,repparttar precipitating factor for looking into double glazing is a need for new construction (or renovation) to conform to modern energy standards. Others decide to replace their windows as an energy saving measure. The main advantage that double glazing offers over traditional windows is insulation. Because nearly 25% of your heat is lost through your windows, well-made and well-fitted double glazing can reduce your heating costs by as much as half depending onrepparttar 149415 amount of glass in your home.

Some ofrepparttar 149416 things to consider when shopping for double glazing for your home are safety, energy conservation, style, type of frame, type of glass, cost and installation. Each of these are important in your choice. Most will affectrepparttar 149417 price that you pay - and all will affect your pleasure and comfort in your home for years to come.


Single pane windows are most often made of a single sheet of regular glass which shatters into long, sharp shards when hit. When shopping for double glazing, you have a choice of several different kinds of glass, each of which are safer on breaking than traditional window panes. If nothing else,repparttar 149418 double thickness reducesrepparttar 149419 chances that both panes will be broken. Whether you use security glass, toughened glass or shatterproof glass, double glazing offers some measure of safety over single glazing.


There's no doubt that double glazing makes it more difficult for a thief or intruder to break into your home byrepparttar 149420 simple expedient of breaking a window pane and reaching throughrepparttar 149421 hole - but real security has more to do withrepparttar 149422 window frames and locking systems than withrepparttar 149423 glass itself. Be sure to choose windows with frames that can be securely locked fromrepparttar 149424 inside.

Energy Conservation

Double glazing can reduce heat lost through windows by as much as 50%, thereby reducing your heating bills, keeping your house warmer and helping you do your bit inrepparttar 149425 conservation of natural resources. Especially in rooms with large windows,repparttar 149426 difference in temperature inrepparttar 149427 room is easily noticeable. Sitting by a large, double-glazed picture window is far, far more comfortable on a chill winter night.

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