Air Liquide: Driving Liquid Air

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

Have you ever heard of liquid air? The process of liquifying air was a major scientific achievement that took place over 100 years ago. Even after 100 years there are only a few companies that liquify air, which is probably why you've never heard of it before. Liquifying air is a cheap way to isolate different gasses like oxygen and nitrogen.

The task of liquefying air began in 1892, when Frenchman Georges Claude began working with acetylene. Atrepparttar time, acetylene was thought to be a very promising substance as it was used in lighting fixtures, but it was very difficult to produce and transport. Georges Claude worked out a method for liquefying air in order to remove its different components and isolaterepparttar 149280 oxygen. Oxygen had nothing to do with acetylene atrepparttar 149281 time, except Claude felt that using oxygen could help reduce costs of producingrepparttar 149282 fires necessary to separate acetylene.

When Georges Claude heard that a scientist named Carl von Linde had managed to liquefy air, Claude set out to do it himself but vowed to do it faster and more efficiently. Duringrepparttar 149283 day he worked as an engineer at Thomson-Houston and he spent his nights conducting tests in an old warehouse. For two years he worked with a second-hand expansion engine, conducting experiments by trial and error to solve all his technical problems. When he needed to lubricate refrigerated moving parts he replaced oil with petroleum ether so it would remain liquid down to 140 degrees. To seal moving parts he used dry leather packing betweenrepparttar 149284 piston andrepparttar 149285 cylinder liner.

And finally, after all these small tricks were put in place, he succeeded! He created a system using cold air fromrepparttar 149286 expansion cylinder to liquefy pre-cooled pressurized air atrepparttar 149287 exchanger outlet. It was a simple and inexpensive matter to extractrepparttar 149288 oxygen from this liquefied air. If liquifying air sounds like a mystical process now, in an age full of advanced technology, just imagine what people thought of Georges Claude when he toldrepparttar 149289 world he was going to form a company that liquified air!

I like to be unreasonable

Written by Arvind kumar

“Progress is made by only unreasonable man” Gorge Bernard Shaw

Unusual is something people dislike to have in their life. It is a change design to after allrepparttar circumstances and environment around you. A reasonable person tries to adoptrepparttar 149247 world around. Once he gets settled, it is very painful to him when things suddenly start to alter. Status quo is broken. Geographical displacement cause personal inconvenience.

But every successful leader knows very well that change is imminent. You can’t sit for long on your laurels, GE, charmas; jack was given a sub name- “Neutron Jack”. He was one ofrepparttar 149248 most unusual leaders in business. He pullsrepparttar 149249 plug when GE was going very well. He sold profitable business. Jump into new Industry which has unseen future. Shownrepparttar 149250 door to many employees. But very few can argue that GE today isrepparttar 149251 mirror image of jack. With a market capitalization of $ 152 billion, it is one of rare Commercial Corporation to dominaterepparttar 149252 19 & 20th century almost 100 years.

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