Aiding Angry Allies

Written by Ruth Marlene Friesen

You may have seen this inrepparttar Bible;

"Do not make friends with a hot-tempered man, do not associate with one easily angered..." *

Fairly obvious advice, since we all know that an angry person can become violent and hurt us. We have learned overrepparttar 102053 last decade or two that an abuser or criminal has often a submerged anger.

But how many of us can recognize latent or hidden anger in an individual? Is it possible to spot repparttar 102054 signs and avoid becoming too close to an angry friend?

Lets skip backwards, spin around three times and see if we don't land back atrepparttar 102055 beginning where anyone first picks up a deep, unresolved anger.

Isn't it when someone disappoints us so hard, or doesn't measure up to promises or expectation, that we get that first gash to our spirit? If it happened to us as a child, we somehow don't sense permission to get angry over our disappointment, so we submerge it. Or we may be old enough to reason whyrepparttar 102056 promise really wasn't coming to us, orrepparttar 102057 other person had every right to hurt us.

But that gash has been made, It doesn't follow that reasoning. Untreated, it festers and grows maggots.

Time passes, we grow older and we go on to other things. That gash eventually grows a scab over it. However, it is forever touchy, and if anything or anyone resemblingrepparttar 102058 original weapon which axed it comes near, all our spiritual nerves tingle, ready to take flight or to fight.

Those people who turn into physical hulks, or are confident in some other aspect of life, are likely to fight. It isrepparttar 102059 old wound lashing back, and we call it an angry outburst.

"Suggestions For The Beginning Marketer"

Written by Jane Fulton

"Suggestions For The Beginning Marketer" (C)janes-place

I want to share with you some ofrepparttar things that I have learned onrepparttar 102052 internet. Unfortunately, I am hard-headed. I get an idea and I want to do it MY way. Sometimes that can be good, sometimes it's not so good.

When I was trying to get my website onrepparttar 102053 internet, some well-meaning people suggested that I get a free site and try out some of my ideas before going torepparttar 102054 expense of putting up my own website. Well, I signed up for a couple of free sites and tried outrepparttar 102055 control panel. I found that I was so restricted, that I decided not to do it that way. I went back to my way.

If I had it to do all over again, I would have usedrepparttar 102056 free site to find out which direction I really wanted to go in. Userepparttar 102057 free site as a "tester". I'm not telling you to stay with a free site. The reason I say use it as a "tester", is because I started janes-place out as one type of site, but found that I changed it as time went on, in order to satisfy my visitors. If you don't satisfy your visitors, they "won't" come back!

Userepparttar 102058 free site and add different pages. Find out what your visitors are interested in, then you can go torepparttar 102059 expense of purchasing a domain name, getting a host and allrepparttar 102060 other things for your website. You will also learn a lot about marketing and find out what worksrepparttar 102061 best for you and your "audience".

My host offers free sites and you can get one at: If you get a free site through my host, I am familiar withrepparttar 102062 control panel and will help you out, if you need it.

Another suggestion that was made to me inrepparttar 102063 beginning, was to find a "niche". My thinking on this was, if I offered 'Something For Everyone, Even Uncle Elmer', I would be able to attract more people and give my visitors variety. Take it from me. That may work for WalMart, but it doesn't work onrepparttar 102064 internet. You will do a lot better, if you find your 'niche' market. Let's look at this example: You are interested in a site for women. Ok, women are your 'audience'. What type of women do you want to reach? Narrow it down. Let's say that you decide to go with crafts. Narrow it down even further. Let's say that you have been crocheting for some time and you enjoy crocheting. Ok, let's use that. So far, we have decided that we want to reach women that like to crochet. Let's narrow that down a little more, to women that want to learn how to crochet.

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