Agressive Linking Strategies Help To Get Your Site Noticed

Written by Jason Morris

A good link building strategy has become an essential part of search engine marketing and positioning. It has beenrepparttar topic of many web conferences aroundrepparttar 147342 world for quite some time now.

Atrepparttar 147343 recent webmaster world search conference, Bruce Clay suggested what he called aggressive linking campaigns, be instigated following a few basic guidelines. He suggested that many uneducated link builders do foolish linking into multiple domain networks, which are all hosted either onrepparttar 147344 same server, or simply buy links from a series of sites hosted within a single C block of IP addresses. Bruce advised gaining links from a wide range of IP addresses that are hosted in different places, and that this would replicate natural links that will be gained over a period of time. This guideline was given as IP address Different is Good.

With aggressive linking it is also advisable to varyrepparttar 147345 page rank quality of those sites you want to link to you. Again making things appear natural torepparttar 147346 search engines. Be careful to not only link to sites with a high page rank of 8 or 9. You should also seek links from a good range of sites with both high and low page rank values. This is especiallyrepparttar 147347 case for new sites.

Energy Marketing" An Unusual New Way to Attract New Clients

Written by Joe Vitale

"It doesn't matter what you say in an advertisement," Esther Hicks told me over dinner with her husband, Jerry, one day many years ago.

"People will pick up onrepparttar energy inrepparttar 147283 ads, notrepparttar 147284 words inrepparttar 147285 ads," she continued. "They'll respond, or not, based on what they feel fromrepparttar 147286 ad."

That was probably my introduction to "Energy Marketing" or what I now call "Mental Science Marketing." I've since met several people who practice this unusual new form of marketing.

Sandra Zimmer, for example, runsrepparttar 147287 Self Expression Center in Houston. One day she and I were having lunch and talking about marketing. I told her I remember seeing her ads years ago, and that they seemed to have a halo around them.

"I put that there," she said.

"How?" I asked.

"I meditate onrepparttar 147288 ad I'm about to run and infuse it with my energy," she said. "Whenrepparttar 147289 ad comes out, only those people who pick up onrepparttar 147290 energy inrepparttar 147291 ad will call me."

Since Sandra has been running a thriving business for many years now, I'd say her method works.

Two years ago I began seeing ads run by a healer named Ann Taylor Harcus. Those ads hadrepparttar 147292 same border of invisible light around them. When I called Annrepparttar 147293 first time, I said, "Your ads are charged!"

She knew exactly what I was talking about.

"I put my energy into those ads," she told me. "I sit in silence and consciously send my energy into them. I am charging them so they magnetically attractrepparttar 147294 people who need me most."

Considering Ann has now worked with well over 100,000 people, I'd say her method is working, too.

A month or so ago I was interviewed by Terri Levine, of She had read my latest book, "Spiritual Marketing," and wanted to know how someone "charges an ad" with magnetic power. It wasrepparttar 147295 first time anyone had asked me that question.

"Well, I simply intend forrepparttar 147296 ad to pullrepparttar 147297 perfect clients to me," I began. "I know that intention rulesrepparttar 147298 earth. So I simply decide to add my energy torepparttar 147299 ad and program it to bring merepparttar 147300 results I want."

I could tell I needed to explain myself further.

"Think of it as Mental Science Marketing," I went on. "There's a whole school of thought that says you can heal anything by tuning in torepparttar 147301 underlying perfection in life. Well, why not heal a business inrepparttar 147302 same way?"

Before my "Spiritual Marketing" book became a #1 bestseller at amazon last June, I may have been reluctant to talk about this unusual new form of marketing.

Butrepparttar 147303 truth is, this is what I've been doing for maybe ten years. I simply haven't been talking about it in public.

You can probably understand why. Mental Science Marketing isn't as nuts and bolts asrepparttar 147304 marketing practiced by those who like to focus on headlines, benefits, guarantees, and other traditional elements of a good ad.

Mental Science Marketing is more internal.

It's flying by your gut.

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