Aging Women And Body Image

Written by Judi Singleton

Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars on products, from vitamins to face creams, to stop aging. We worry about many things such as losing our memory, teeth, eyesight, hearing, sex drive, and ability to get around. Women can have special concerns about osteoporosis (thinning bones) and menopause. As we age, staying active and involved helps us to have a positive outlook on life. A healthy diet and regular exercise can ease common conditions like arthritis and can help prevent or control heart disease and high blood pressure.

In a society that places much value on youth, a woman's body image can be affected by aging

An Engagement Ring Won't Bring You Soup When You're Sick

Written by Terry Hernon MacDonald

Many women, including me, have been groomed for marriage fromrepparttar moment we emerged fromrepparttar 143973 womb. After my daughters were born, I can't tell you how many people told my husband, "Hey, that's two weddings you have to pay for, Buddy."

(His response? "I'm really more concerned about paying for their educations.")

I probably don't have to tell you thatrepparttar 143974 pressure intensifies once a girl's friends start getting married. Then, all of a sudden, every well-meaning aunt, brother-in-law, and clerk atrepparttar 143975 7-11 want to know when she's going to find a man and follow suit.

What often happens next is that a nice young woman starts feelingrepparttar 143976 heat. She gets desperate. She focuses less on what she wants out of life and more onrepparttar 143977 size ofrepparttar 143978 diamond she wants in her engagement ring. Instead of enjoying dates and really getting to know a guy, she only wants to know whether he'srepparttar 143979 man who'll make all her little girl dreams come true by asking her to marry him.

Eventually, somebody shows up with a ring, and she starts auditioning wedding bands. She obsesses over whetherrepparttar 143980 hunter green tablecloth is superior torepparttar 143981 buttercup yellow forrepparttar 143982 reception. She plans a honeymoon withrepparttar 143983 strategic precision of a military invasion.

But she's neglected to dorepparttar 143984 most important thing, which is to ask herself if she really wants to spendrepparttar 143985 rest of her life withrepparttar 143986 guy in question.

Lest you think I exaggerate, a very good friend of mine spent Saturday night crying because her husband (the one who came withrepparttar 143987 2-carat diamond in a platinum setting,repparttar 143988 college degree,repparttar 143989 well-paying job, andrepparttar 143990 4-bedroom house) would not allow her to go out withrepparttar 143991 girls, even though he knew she'd had plans to do so for five weeks. Turns out, he didn't feel like watching their four children, even though he regularly leaves her with them to go away for weekends with his pals.

Another friend who fell forrepparttar 143992 fairy tale and woke up inrepparttar 143993 dungeon recently got divorced. Her husband also provided a blinding gemstone and an excellent salary. He came from a "good family" andrepparttar 143994 right religious background. He kept a photo of my friend on his desk at his prestigious firm, where she was not allowed to visit because he feared she would embarrass him (trust me, she wouldn't). He complained that her breasts were distracting and insisted she have them surgically reduced. He informed her that if she gained a single pound over 125, their marriage was over.

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