Agendas Make Meetings Productive

Written by Martin Haworth

Meetings take up time and effort, so they need to be very productive. And one aspect worthy of special focus is how well you organise your meetings. Using a great agenda does just that.

Having a meeting agenda template that works well for you, week in, week out, creates a consistency which gets your people bought intorepparttar meeting process. Delivering an efficiency and effectiveness which makesrepparttar 119455 most ofrepparttar 119456 valuable time you have together. Key points to note are:-

  1. Circulate Share your agenda in good time, well before your meeting (with reading material for preview). This gives time for review, preparation and challenge.

  2. Roles
    In a meeting there are various roles to be taken on fromrepparttar 119457 start. Chair, notetaker, facilitator, reviewer and other, more specific roles. These should be clearly stated onrepparttar 119458 agenda in advance ofrepparttar 119459 meeting.

  3. Items for Discussion Items on your agenda need to be selected carefully and only be relevant forrepparttar 119460 grouping of people who get together. Time is precious, so make sure that when together, only things which need everyone's input are given time.

  4. Set Timings
    Get clear on your agenda just how longrepparttar 119461 meeting will last and how long will be devoted to individual items on it. This gives clear indications of what will happen in meeting.

  5. Ground Rules Within your agenda will be some rules of howrepparttar 119462 meeting process will work. It is important to set standards of behaviour which eveyone signs up to.

  6. AOB Often included in agendas, this item is one that really should not be there. Good preplanning beforerepparttar 119463 agenda goes out should mean that all items are included at that point and, where dispute occurs,repparttar 119464 meeting lead takes a decision. AOB can easily take a meeting offrepparttar 119465 rails and lead to missing time agreements.

Hollander Consultants Gears Up For Largest Symposium in Three Years

Written by Matthew Bratschi

Hollander Consultants Gears Up For Largest Symposium in Three Years Over 350 People Expected in Florida

Portland, OR: Hollander Consultants Florida Symposium is poised to break attendance records overrepparttar last three years of Hollander symposia. The Hollander Consultants Florida Symposium will be held atrepparttar 119454 Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater Beach from March 17 to March 19.

Eric Korb, Hollander Consultants’ vice-president for client services, said, “Our symposia are absolutely vital aspects of our entire consulting program. Clients who attend find marked changes in their practices and businesses that result in increased staff efficiency and revenue. Our clients’ staff always come together as a team due torepparttar 119455 group training and interaction.”

Hollander Consultants has been holding symposia for its clients for more than 18 years in Florida and Portland, Oregon. Regular delivery to clients includes one-on-one consulting in person and via phone, a myriad of management training courses and workshops delivered both at Hollander Consultants facilities and in clients’ offices, implementing Hollander’s copyrighted Job Description and Office Policy Manual, personalized Financial Plans as well asrepparttar 119456 biannual symposia.

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