Aftermath of a Child’s Near Death Experience

Written by RobinRenee Bridges

An 18 month-old girl lay dying of diphtheria in January of 1944. It was beforerepparttar widespread use of antibiotics. In fact,repparttar 122138 antibiotics were reserved forrepparttar 122139 troops fighting in World War II. That’s whererepparttar 122140 little girl’s father was…on Iwo Jima.

The young mother took her fever-ridden child torepparttar 122141 hospital in hopes that something could be done to save her precious child. The mother was told that there was little that could be done. The fever was much too high forrepparttar 122142 child to survive. Ice water and alcohol rubs could not controlrepparttar 122143 fever. A few hours later,repparttar 122144 mother was told that her beloved daughter, her first and only child, had died.

Within minutes, a frantic doctor ran back intorepparttar 122145 waiting room to tellrepparttar 122146 young mother that her child had come back to life!

Beforerepparttar 122147 evening sun set,repparttar 122148 child was sitting up in her crib playing with her dolly as if nothing out ofrepparttar 122149 ordinary had happened. The fever was gone. The mottled extremities were pink with health. The child giggled shyly asrepparttar 122150 parade of doctors and nurses came in to see her. They brought more toys and stuffed animals thanrepparttar 122151 little crib could hold. They asked questions like, “What’s your dolly’s name?” They marveled atrepparttar 122152 bright eyes and quick responses ofrepparttar 122153 child that surely should have been brain damaged.

My name is RobinRenee, and I was that little girl. I remember nothing aboutrepparttar 122154 event. Nor do I remember when I realized that if I opened my eyes just as I was drifting off to sleep, my room would become an Alice in Wonderland delight.

I learned to fly torepparttar 122155 ceiling turning flips inrepparttar 122156 ether like a trapeze artist. I looked down on my body as it lay sleeping. I stretchedrepparttar 122157 perimeters of my room until it felt smooth to me. I let it curl in upon itself like a nautilus shell. I walked on my “nautilus shell” room leaving footprints as if it were wet sand. Thenrepparttar 122158 room would quickly unwind, spinning me along with it until I ended up inrepparttar 122159 far corner ofrepparttar 122160 ceiling. This dizzying ride was one of my favorite games.

As time passed, I realized that I sawrepparttar 122161 world in a way that others didn’t. I saw people and things that others could not see. I told my parents about these people and things. They patronizingly listened to my “stories,” and then they smiled and assumed that I had imaginary friends and some outlandish ideas.

Joy or Crisis?

Written by White Feather

The person that we think we are holds only a small fragment ofrepparttar entity that we really are. Only a small part of our entity is with us here inrepparttar 122137 body. We are not yet capable of holding our entire entity. The greater part of our entity is sitting out atrepparttar 122138 edge ofrepparttar 122139 universe waiting for us to evolve so that it can fully step into our bodies. Being very patient,repparttar 122140 greater part of our entity has waited a few gazillion years.

This greater part of our entity does not spend all of its time looking in on everything we do. It has other things to do. (And other parts of itself in physicality to look in on.) From time to time,repparttar 122141 greater part of our entity will peer into our reality to get a reading on how we are doing. This only takes a split second. Our entity can read our vibrations in that split second and can tell how far we've evolved. It knows instantly if we are following our agreed upon path, and it gets a reading of how much karmic energy we still hold unresolved. It gets a reading on how we feel about ourselves, and then it logs that information intorepparttar 122142 autopilot. It then puts us on autopilot, at those settings, and then goes about its other business.

This separation from our whole entities was necessary in order for us to experience physicality and evolve a physical vehicle capable of holding a whole entity. The separation caused a lot of problems for us, though, in fact, most of our problems have this separation as a root cause. All of us retain a deep hidden memory of whenrepparttar 122143 entity was ALL ONE, and, although this memory is vague, it creates a deep longing to reunite withrepparttar 122144 greater part ofrepparttar 122145 entity. We crave to touch our entity, we long to be whole. Butrepparttar 122146 entity only checks in every so often, so it is up to us to get in touch with our entity.

How do we do that? There are two ways: Through joy or through crisis.

To grabrepparttar 122147 entity's attention, we have to create a vibration that is strong enough to over-riderepparttar 122148 autopilot, setting off an alarm that causesrepparttar 122149 entity to come in and see what's up. You see, even though we may be on autopilot, we have free will. The autopilot is just a default consciousness that we all are in when we are not using our free will. With our free will we can create that necessary intense vibration that getsrepparttar 122150 entity's attention. On both ends ofrepparttar 122151 vibration spectrum there are energies intense enough to getrepparttar 122152 entity's attention. On one end there is joy, and onrepparttar 122153 other end is crisis, catastrophe, cataclysm, and all those c words.

At times of severe crisis,repparttar 122154 entity will come in and do a reading. Seeingrepparttar 122155 person in crisis, it will lowerrepparttar 122156 settings onrepparttar 122157 autopilot to easerepparttar 122158 strain onrepparttar 122159 person. The person gets to connect for just a second with its entity, but then it gets its vibrations lowered. If this is allrepparttar 122160 person knows, it will eventually set up another crisis in order to connect with its entity. The person will get those connections it craves, but it will not raise its vibrations. This person's life will seem hopeless and full of disasters. This person's free will goes unclaimed and they run off default consciousness.

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