African Americans: A Look in the Mirror, Part 2

Written by Bret Searles

“For if any be a hearer ofrepparttar word, and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass: For he beholdeth himself, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was.” James 1:23-24

The black community has many success stories. Condoleeza Rice, PhD isrepparttar 146608 National Security Advisor and Colin Powell isrepparttar 146609 Secretary of State torepparttar 146610 current U.S. president. Thurgood Marshall was a judicial giant onrepparttar 146611 U.S. Supreme Court fighting for greater liberty and against injustice. Bob Johnson, founder and former CEO of Black Entertainment Television and Oprah Winfrey, television talk show host, producer and CEO of Harpo Productions have been bright and shining examples of what African Americans are capable of achieving. Not everyone can do what these people did but we can look to their example of perseverance and triumph against long odds. Some ofrepparttar 146612 greatest role models overcame abject poverty, racism, child abuse and neglect. They had excess baggage they had to shed to get to their respective goals. The book, The 7 Simple Secrets to Building Wealth: An African American’s Guide to Wealth Building inrepparttar 146613 21st Century and Beyond, will give you some strategies you can use immediately to more elegantly overcome your personal challenges and confidently reach your goals. Onrepparttar 146614 other hand,repparttar 146615 statistics show that our success stories are far outnumbered byrepparttar 146616 cold reality that our people are in a struggle for survival. We have a growing middle class of African Americans that are becoming increasingly separated fromrepparttar 146617 rest of black America based on education, income stability and family life. As some African Americans push ahead, many are falling further behind creating an inequity betweenrepparttar 146618 two. Only 13.6% of African Americans reported an annual income over $50,000 according to recent census data. That compares to 27.5% of whites reporting annual income over $50,000. We have only halfrepparttar 146619 percentage of high income earners then whites do. We have twicerepparttar 146620 high school drop out rate as whites. Also, 16.5% of African Americans get a college degree versus 28.1% of whites. 32.5% of African Americans are married compared to 56.8% of whites. Finally, 44% of African American families are headed by single moms compared to only 12.7% of white families that are headed by single moms. We have an amazingly uphill battle but we must look even more closely before we can get to our solutions. African Americans make up 13% ofrepparttar 146621 population while African American men make up 66% ofrepparttar 146622 prison population. Based on Justice Department crime statistics, racial differences exist, with African Americans disproportionately represented among homicide victims and offenders. African Americans haverepparttar 146623 highest violent crime victimization rates then any other group. We are six times more likely then whites to be murdered. We are seven times more likely then whites to commit homicide. Andrepparttar 146624 majority of murders are intraracial. African Americans killed a whopping 94% of African American murder victims. Furthermore,repparttar 146625 Justice Department goes to report that based on current rates of first incarceration, an estimated 32% of African American males will enter state or federal prison during their lifetime; whites (5.9%). These are depressing figures. The family isrepparttar 146626 place where these statistics will be turned around. Respect for life, discipline, hard work and respect for women are lessons and values that young Black boys learn best from their dads. They learn from our words, our example and throughrepparttar 146627 leadership we provide inrepparttar 146628 home. If we fail in this, our greatest responsibility, we will fail an entire generation that fought to secure our freedoms so we could realize our full potential. We will put onrepparttar 146629 chains ofrepparttar 146630 slavery of poverty, prison and lack of purpose without a whimper of resistance. The second preliminary step we need to make is taking personal responsibility for our lives and that of our families. The only way we can begin to shaperepparttar 146631 future and change our destinies is to accept our present circumstances as a fluid and temporal reality that can be changed and is never permanent however, very real, so we must take action to affect our reality.

Got Envy?

Written by Kenia Morales

Are you feeling jealous ofrepparttar success, beauty, intelligence etc. of a friend? Do you find yourself wishing you were as lucky as him/her? Is it possible that unconsciously you may wish them wrong, look for faults inrepparttar 146573 person in order to feel better about yourself and worst yet, do you find time to give them unsolicited nasty feedback?

If you can relate to any ofrepparttar 146574 feelings or actions that I mentioned above then I will just be honest: YOUR BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO STOP. Not for your friends sake but, for your own good. The green eye monster hurtsrepparttar 146575 mostrepparttar 146576 person that possesses it. I will explain why: While you are busy worrying about whatrepparttar 146577 next person is doing, they are busy pursuing their own life. They maybe chasing after their dreams, concentrated on a strict beauty regimen etc. So what isrepparttar 146578 outcome of this situation? While they getrepparttar 146579 results they want in life you are still standing there bitter. Wow, is that self destructive or what?

Since, I am certain that this is notrepparttar 146580 way you want to live I will Give you some tips that will help you zaprepparttar 146581 green eye monster out of your life:

*Take time to get to know your self better. Once you know your True emotions and desiresrepparttar 146582 less you would want anyone else's life, success etc.

*Work continuously to improve yourself. Contrary to popular belief people are not born perfect or superior to others. But, successful individuals haverepparttar 146583 ability to stay open minded and acquire or enhance their skills. Plusrepparttar 146584 more you are focus on yourselfrepparttar 146585 less time you have to engage in “petty envy”.

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