Africa - A poem for politicians Everywhere!

Written by John Roberts

How pious those politicians are, When up there on T.V. Saying that, allrepparttar things they do, They do for you and me. I don't remember requesting weapons, Or to send my sons to war. Just how many tons of food, Would all that money provide for? I didn't ask for that highway, Orrepparttar 146895 ‘modern art' with purple lights. I would rather all those millions, Helped with Human Rights. Did I ask to stockpile food in hangars, Untilrepparttar 146896 price goes high. Why can't we send it, to Africa, Instead of letting them die. The cost of clothes, forrepparttar 146897 ‘P.M's' wife, Or evenrepparttar 146898 President's daughter.

1st Class on the TITANIC---

Written by James Sorrell

***365 ofrepparttar planet's richest people, (including Bill Gates), have as much $$$ as 2.6 BILLION ofrepparttar 146894 poorest [which is totally obscene!!!]. That is only 43 more people than were in 1st Class onrepparttar 146895 TITANIC! [There were 322 of them] In order for these greedy rich to be so wealthy, they have to keep billions poor, many homeless! In this ordered Universe, there are specific blessings distributed byrepparttar 146896 'Maker of All Things' to each of us; butrepparttar 146897 obscene rich have playedrepparttar 146898 game of MONOPOLY for real and stolen awayrepparttar 146899 opportunities of billions of people! They were initially given wealth as a shared trust, to see that all have some share in humanity {"Love your neighbor as yourself" means that you see to it that your neighbor has it just as good as you do; all 6 billion of us on this "blue marble" are neighbors & at least 33rd cousins--->Genesis 6:9 We ALL come from Noah's 3 sons!} .....We should ALL have a share in humanity, butrepparttar 146900 rich hoard instead of sharing, which was part of their deal that they ignore. Inrepparttar 146901 USA, everyone (300 million) could be a millionaire ifrepparttar 146902 rich were JUST millionaires (1 million $$ each). 'No poor, no homeless, no communism/socialism, no dis-enfranchised' isrepparttar 146903 possibility when opportunities are equal for all;repparttar 146904 economy would be 90% better because everyone is a participating member, and there would be no theft [99% gone]! It is time to startrepparttar 146905 MONOPOLY game all over again!!! Inrepparttar 146906 opening part ofrepparttar 146907 original film, "Planet ofrepparttar 146908 Apes",repparttar 146909 astronaut statesrepparttar 146910 reason why he left modern Earth in a spaceship, never to return..."Because brother goes to war with brother, and men do nothing while their neighbor's children starve".

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