Affordable Web Design

Written by Ian Bruce

Professional web design providing Business owners with web design, web site hosting, and graphic design.

Our Services:

Small Web site - $1,000AUD

5 page web site

Ideal for small business to give them their first web presence

Medium Web site - $2,500AUD

10-15 page web site

The benefits of a professionally designed website, with seamless database integration.

Large Web Site - $3,500AUD+

Individually quoted

Unique website solutions for complex business plans

Build a web site that works for you.

The internet is becoming increasingly important to both business and consumers. It has, and will continue to, changerepparttar way we work, andrepparttar 137789 way we shop. It is therefore crucial to keep up with date, and to get it rightrepparttar 137790 first time.

Every web site has a different purpose - information, selling, demonstration, enquiry/ordering, ecommerce. The two most important questions a company must ask itself, are:

1. What function will our web site serve?

2. Is my current site achieving this?

Your Web Site Checklist

1. Function

Consider what your company requires fromrepparttar 137791 internet. Are you a source of information? Are you selling products? Are you demonstrating your products/services? Do you wantrepparttar 137792 user to make specific enquiries (ie bookings, product quantities, purchasing orders, trade orders, or online purchasing)

2. Is your website search engine friendly?

There is no point in building a great looking website, if web users cant find it.

Search engine optimisation isrepparttar 137793 process of promoting a website to achieve top search engine rankings for relevant, targeted keyphrases. Find out how to improve your websites search engine rank.

3. Your Web site is your business

With all design, consistancy is king. Remember that potential customers see your web site first in most cases, and if your site looks unprofessional so do you.

Developing and Optimizing Your Website – Let Flash Help You

Written by Kay Zetkin

Is your company planning to joinrepparttar wide, wide world ofrepparttar 137694 Web and is keen into building a corporate website? Perceptively, a company’s decision of building a web site arises fromrepparttar 137695 need to inform and reach out wider to potential clients of their service or products.

Building and eventually developing a corporate website with allrepparttar 137696 requirements to optimize it, like content management, e-commerce solutions, graphic design applications, etc. can be quite overwhelming onrepparttar 137697 part ofrepparttar 137698 company starting out for a web presence. Everybody aspires to create a web site that's 'sticky', easy forrepparttar 137699 user to find their way around, and easy for everyone visiting to findrepparttar 137700 information they are looking for, browse throughrepparttar 137701 site, and one that visitors will return to again and again. For this, we need an ingenious web designer and a reliable website development solution.

Be advised then, that sincerepparttar 137702 few years Macromedia Flash has been around, it has now become an indispensable web development solution. Those who wants to create an impact upon their entrance inrepparttar 137703 Web might just consider Macromedia Flash a good option.

Internet surfers has come to recognize Flash as a 'plug-in' since some major web sites like,, and, owe their interactive features from its applications. The previous versions of Flash are installed in an average of 82.66% of browsers as of March 2001 (Flash 3 – 96%, Flash 4 – 92%, Flash 5 – 60%). Now its latest version has interesting and original interactive features.

How did Macromedia Flash became in-demand amongrepparttar 137704 web developing community? Flash version 3 enabledrepparttar 137705 creation of short multimedia introductions to company sites. Eventually,repparttar 137706 application designed full-fledged web sites. One feature of this application that held attention is thatrepparttar 137707 sites could be scalable at any resolution, thus, they can be watched identically on either ofrepparttar 137708 popular Netscape or Internet Explorer browsers. Still, a negative point that dismayed others wasrepparttar 137709 fact thatrepparttar 137710 plug-in need to be downloaded fromrepparttar 137711 site. Since it could be done only once,repparttar 137712 process of startingrepparttar 137713 Flash file was hindered. Butrepparttar 137714 latest versions of Flash browser already include downloads enablingrepparttar 137715 Flash plug-in to install automatically and let users view Flash files easily.

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