Affiliate marketing programs that can add value without costs to Web sites.

Written by Eric T. Brassell Sr.

Many small businesses have found ways to earn money from visitors to their Web site, even though their sites are not equipped to handle Internet transactions. How? By joining an affiliate marketing program.

After takingrepparttar time to create and promote your Web site, you, too, may find that joining an affiliate marketing program is a cost-effective way to enhancerepparttar 102434 value of your own Internet investment. That type of "virtual" alliance may help you increase revenue without increasing costs. In addition, an alliance can increaserepparttar 102435 value of your customers' visits by increasingrepparttar 102436 quality of your Web site, thereby encouraging more visits and increasing your opportunities to establish and maintain relationships with your customers.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing programs came into their own duringrepparttar 102437 Internet boom ofrepparttar 102438 mid- to late-1990s. Organized to create virtual business relationships, they are an agreement between two companies to steer business inrepparttar 102439 form of Web traffic from one Web site to another in return for compensation. If organized correctly, they are a win-win situation for both partners. They help large companies with elaborate, transaction-oriented Web sites increase their Web traffic while providing increased cash flows to smaller businesses with brochure-style Web sites.

How do affiliate programs work?

When you join an affiliate program, you will be able to download an icon or button to add to your Web site. Visitors to your site who click on that button will be sent torepparttar 102440 transaction portion of your partner's site. Your partner should have specialized internal computer systems in place. Those systems track all sales generated duringrepparttar 102441 visit that originated from your Web site. In other words, you will own a portion of all sales generated during that visit. Ifrepparttar 102442 visitor places an order, you will receive a percentage ofrepparttar 102443 proceeds ofrepparttar 102444 sale, based onrepparttar 102445 original agreement. A typical revenue-sharing arrangement is for 5 percent ofrepparttar 102446 total sale, regardless ofrepparttar 102447 size ofrepparttar 102448 sale.

Getting Started in an Affiliate Program

Written by Brenda Pagel

I got started with affiliate programs because I am really tired of working for companies to help them profit.

I didnít feel I was getting anywhere working for companies (verses for ME). Most of us go to work day in and day out, like little robots, just to help a company grow. But a lot of times we donít haverepparttar opportunity to grow with it.

Sure, you might grow with a company and even go on to become quite an asset forrepparttar 102433 company. But that also means you probably have to work longer hours andrepparttar 102434 job gets more stressful. And those long, stressful hours are being spent away from home.

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