Written by David Saywell

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How To Cash In Promoting Affiliate Programs

Written by Ken Hill

1. Build your site around a topic you enjoy.

Becoming a webmaster will require a lot of time on your part. Make sure that you first build your site around a topic that you enjoy and can spend time on.

Think about what topics you enjoy most, and that you know a lot about. This will allow you to easily write about that topic to your visitors and share your insight.

2. Keep narrowing your focus until you find your niche that makes your site unique. For instance instead of sports, make your site about your favorite team or instead of marketing choose to make your site about ezine publishing.

3. Once you've decided on a topic for your site, you have also selected your target audience, and are ready to join affiliate programs that sell products to that audience.

4. When deciding on affiliate programs to join look for affiliate programs that offer a line of products -- this will allow you to earn further commissions when your referrals come back and order something else.

5. Choose affiliate programs that offer a two-tier commission structure, where you get paid a commission onrepparttar sales of people that you refer torepparttar 102486 affiliate program, or affiliate programs that offer yourepparttar 102487 chance to earn a residual income.

6. Track your promotional efforts. This is essential in helping you identify what ad copy generatesrepparttar 102488 most sales and what marketing techniques are most profitable.

7. Generate repeat traffic to your site by making your site a valuable resource.

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