Affiliate Programs and picking the best one!

Written by Sara Bonnet

Okay, so you have been looking at affiliate programs for a while now. Your inbox is filling up with all these advertisements and you just donít know how to pickrepparttar right program.

How do you know which program is going to bringrepparttar 145064 best profit?

Well, I personally believe that a lot ofrepparttar 145065 income is created fromrepparttar 145066 effort an affiliate marketer puts into a program. But I do have a few pointers as to pickingrepparttar 145067 best one.

1. Commission. You need a program that will pay you a good commission rate. It should pay you at least 20% of each sale. A good rate is 50% and anything above that is ideal. You should also look for how often they pay. Some programs pay you twice a month and some only once a month. Most programs also only pay you when you have earned a base amount.

2. Attraction. Isrepparttar 145068 website attractive? Or will your customers leave your site without even reading. The site needs to easy to read, but not boring. Also you donít want to pick a site that is full of garbage, advertising an array of different subjects. Your site needs to filled with common ground. Also make surerepparttar 145069 sight doesnít seem to be screaming for attention (lots of large, bold lettering).

3. Support. What isrepparttar 145070 support for your program like? Do they have a good list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), a contact email address with a quick response (24 - 72 hours is good)? Any more than 3 days for a response is too long. Some programs even offer live chat. Now that is good!

4. Your Statistics. The program should offer an automated and immediate reaction to your statistics. They should automatically contact you when you receive a client, prospect, lead, customer or when you make a sale, it should also be ready to view in your downline as soon as you haverepparttar 145071 knowledge ofrepparttar 145072 sale etc.

What's A Niche and Can I Find One Too?

Written by By Vickie J. Scanlon

When I came upon that little word -- Niche -- I wondered, "what is this thing called a Niche -- and most importantly, can I find my own niche too?

What is A Niche

Well, A niche, is a service or product , that fills an unmet customer's need -- that is more of a speciality. You are not competing withrepparttar masses for a sale on an ebook or an affiliate tool. Instead, you carve out a small corner ofrepparttar 145053 market for yourself onrepparttar 145054 Internet.

Well,repparttar 145055 definition was simple, however, finding a niche that I felt comfortable with was going to be a chore, because I wanted to avoidrepparttar 145056 affiliate programs -- and if possible find a company that privately carried their own affiliate program -- withoutrepparttar 145057 quota's andrepparttar 145058 many rules.

How to Find A Niche

When I started looking for a niche market, I started to make a list of my hobbies, what I liked to do, what I was interested in and what I was familiar with -- to help me brainstorm. If this little task does nothing else, it will definitely give you an eye-opener to who you are.

Anyway, whenrepparttar 145059 dust finally settled I realized that I wanted a niche where it would assist others -- perform a service of some sort, and would compliment my current website. Not very decisive, but I had a direction. Then it happened, just by chance, or maybe it was divine intercession -- anyway, I received a personal email from one ofrepparttar 145060 assistant manager's from DentalPlans -- stating that she liked my website and wondered if I would be interested in becoming an affiliate.

I looked at their website andrepparttar 145061 affiliate plan -- and I knew that this affiliate program was for me.

Here's What DentalPlan Offers

1. High conversion rate -- 1-5% percent conversion ratio from click thrus.

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