Affiliate Programs 101!

Written by BB Lee

Affiliate Programs 101! by BB Lee (C)2003

Joining an affiliate program is one ofrepparttar easiest ways to start an online business and generate income for your website. These revenue sharing programs are very popular onrepparttar 102445 net. And isrepparttar 102446 way many new entrepreneurs started online.

When you join an affiliate program your task is to promote repparttar 102447 merchants services or products on your website or in your ezine. This is easier than you might think becauserepparttar 102448 merchants supply members with banners or links back to their site to promoterepparttar 102449 product. Plus they tally up your clicks or sales.

But Beware!

Make sure you understand allrepparttar 102450 details ofrepparttar 102451 program. Avoid MLM programs. Onlyrepparttar 102452 first tier group will reap rewards. Avoid any program where you recruit other affiliates. And your earnings are based on a percentage of their profits. Your profits plummet if your recruits abandonrepparttar 102453 program.

Affiliate programs pay their members a fixed amount for each sale, click through, lead, or banner impression.

Here's a simple breakdown of most payment plans:

-Pay per sale. A commission is paid for each sale your site/ezine generates.

-Pay per click through. You receive a payment for each valid click torepparttar 102454 sponsors website.

-Pay per lead. You receive a payment for each sales lead for a service or product.

-Pay per impression. You receive a payment each time a merchants banner or link is displayed torepparttar 102455 merchants site.

Joining an affiliate program is easy! Just be sure to select an affiliate program with appropriate services or products that match your targeted audience.

If your ezine/website attracts Rugged Out-doors motorcycle enthusiast, you certainly would not display maternity clothing or baby booties.

Or if your ezine/website attracts young teenagers, you certainly don't want to display senior citizen products like walkers or vitamins for older adults.

How to Earn $1,000 a Month in Your Spare Time

Written by Thomas Holley

Can you create a monthly income of at least $1,000 a month working in your spare time from home? Over time, ABSOLUTELY! It will take time and effort, but with very little money you CAN create an income of at least $1,000 month after month.

The key to creating a repeatable income month after month is residual income. Dorepparttar work once and get paid over and over. You donít want to have to create that income over each month, like you would have to do if you were paid once. That is too much like your current job, if you donít work, you donít get paid!

With residual income, you can focus your effort on increasing your next monthís income this month, instead of trying to create this monthís income this month. Thatís working smarter, not harder!

What you need is an opportunity that is a real business, not some flashy program promising thousands of dollars a month for your $5 investment.

A real business takes time to grow. It takes work. It takes dedication. You donít have to spend 60 hours a week to build it, but you need to spend at least a few hours each and every week.

One such opportunity is SFI Marketing Group (Six-Figure Income). SFI is a real business that, with consistent effort, can build into a decent income.

SFI isrepparttar 102444 creation of Gery Carson, who inrepparttar 102445 1980ís pioneered repparttar 102446 Direct Mail model for network marketing. Gery is alsorepparttar 102447 author ofrepparttar 102448 book, The Home Business Revolutionís Greatest Entrepreneurs, andrepparttar 102449 publisher of Six-Figure Income Magazine.

Overrepparttar 102450 past 16 years, SFI has established itself a dominant presence inrepparttar 102451 internet network marketing arena. It shows unprecedented growth with 5,000 new sales reps added every day. Whatísrepparttar 102452 attraction? See for yourself at

Membership to SFI is FREE! There is no cost and no obligation to join. You can spend some time checking outrepparttar 102453 opportunities that SFI has to offer and then make a decision if you think that this opportunity is for you or not. You can join and check SFI out for free at

What do you get for your membership that you paid nothing for? PLENTY!

*20 websites that you can promote and to send visitors *FREE internet marketing training *Valuable resources at your fingertips *Professionally designed and written advertising *Professionally written follow-ups to your referrals

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