Affiliate Programs

Written by Helen Peshkova

Affiliate Programs explains what affiliate marketing is all about and how much money you can make. will help you to become an affiliate. has reviewedrepparttar best Affiliate Program Providers (APPs) and here you can find our top APPs ranking. Also you find a lot of resources which help you to promote merchantís products and get money inrepparttar 141816 lucrative world of affiliate marketing.

Basic Idea

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which revenue sharing between online merchants and online salespeople (affiliates), whereby compensation is based on performance measures, typically inrepparttar 141817 form of sales (Pay Per Sale), clicks (Pay Per Click) and impressions (Pay Per Impressions).

Merchants run affiliate programs to generate leads and sales from other Web sites. They pay an affiliate to generate sales from a button, banner, or link placed on affiliateís website, newsletter, e-mail or pay per click ad. For example, if a site owner signs up for any merchantís affiliate program, he will receive banners or links from this merchant that he can place anywhere on his site. Then, if a visitor clicks on this banner or a link on his site and buys something, he will receive a commission.

The introduction of affiliate programs inrepparttar 141818 late 1990s brought Internet marketing to a new level. The first companies that offered these programs saw sales increase dramatically. These companies basically get free advertising and only pay their affiliates a percentage ofrepparttar 141819 sales they generate. It's a win-win situation forrepparttar 141820 company that runsrepparttar 141821 affiliate program.

Now there are thousands of companies in hundreds of industries that will pay commissions to you for sales, leads or impressions.

How does it work?

1. First of all you are looking for products and services sold online and used an affiliate program.

2. Then you should sign up for free as a reseller (affiliate). How to become an affiliate you can find below.

3. After that you should advertise these products and services. How to promote them you can find below.

4. After all youíll receive commission checks.

How to become an affiliate?

There are two ways to become an affiliate:

1. Some merchants have their own affiliate programs. You can join them on their sites.

2. Butrepparttar 141822 most typical is to use Affiliate Program Providers (APPs). There are several large APPs. They connect a lot of merchants and affiliates in different industries. APPs collect payments from merchants and consolidate affiliate reporting and payments. For example,repparttar 141823 affiliate places links torepparttar 141824 merchant on their website, email, newsletter, or Pay per Click ads. When a potential customer clicks throughrepparttar 141825 link they are sent to a specified page ofrepparttar 141826 merchantís site. If this potential customer buys something, fills out a form, or completes any action desired byrepparttar 141827 merchantrepparttar 141828 affiliate is gotten a commission. The APP tracks all elements ofrepparttar 141829 transaction. Joining an APP is absolutely free. You should only fill out a form. The affiliate should usually wait a few days for approval, sometimes applying is automatic. You can findrepparttar 141830 Top APPs at

Why 95% of Affiliate Websites Lose Money - And How You Can Avoid The Pitfalls

Written by K. ONeill

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between two websites in which one site (the affiliate) sends traffic to another site by means of advertising or content.

In return,repparttar affiliate receives a percentage of sales generated.

Having worked with affiliate programs for several years now I can vouch that's it possible to make a very comfortable living working from home with affiliate programs.

Sure there are downsides - there can be sales tracking issues; dud affiliate programs, and there's always those dreaded returns and commission chargebacks.

Butrepparttar 141815 upside more than makes up for it: you get to be your own boss; you can set your own hours; you're building a potentially enormous recurring stream of income; and there's no workplace politics or overbearing boss to hound you.

Butrepparttar 141816 best part is this:repparttar 141817 potential to make money is unlimited - there is no glass ceiling.

So if affiliate programs are such a great concept - why do statistics tell us that only 5% of affiliate marketers ever make money online?

Why aren't more affiliates making more money?

In my online experience I've seen a few affiliate websites that are genius at selling. Most however make several deadly mistakes that are probably costing them thousands of dollars in sales.

Here arerepparttar 141818 3 top reasons why 95% of affiliate websites don't make more money and how you can steer clear ofrepparttar 141819 pitfalls:

Reason #1: Trying to sell too many products.

Have you ever visited a website and been knocked senseless with sales offers? Banners flashing, moving text - moving up, down, left to right, right to left, bright laughing images bouncing across your screen.

Thenrepparttar 141820 pop-ups come - pop-ups, pop-unders, pop-overs. It's non-stop sales-pitch overload - and you can't get out of there fast enough. It takes you a full five minutes to re-focus your eyes once you manage to escape fromrepparttar 141821 website

Ok, some affiliate websites aren't that bad but you getrepparttar 141822 point.

While working for a bank several years back, I learned one ofrepparttar 141823 #1 rules of sales: "A confused mind always says 'No'." If you give someone too many options, too many choices, or even too much information too quickly - they won't buy anything. They will always say 'No' torepparttar 141824 sale.

Solution? Reducerepparttar 141825 confusion and you'll INCREASErepparttar 141826 sales.

Top affiliates will tell you to focus on one or two products per website (or per web page). Never more than that.

If you want to increase your conversion rate, stop selling so many products on one website. Focus onrepparttar 141827 top one or two that make yourepparttar 141828 most sales. You'll then have a lot more customers saying 'yes' and putting cash in your pocket.

Reason #2: Website theme is too general.

When choosing a theme for your website, think niche, not general. For example, unless you're Best Buy or Future Shop, you might not want to build a website about computers. That's way too general and you're now in competition withrepparttar 141829 big boys. Why put yourself through that?

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