Affiliate Marketing Programs Make Internet Success a Cinch

Written by Benjamin Scott

Copyright 2005 Benjamin Scott

Running your own online business is exciting. You get to set your own hours, be your own boss, and reaprepparttar benefits from your own hard work. Few jobs inrepparttar 138807 world can boast such advantages. There are risks, though, to starting an online business. You have to have a pretty good page, and you have to have something to offer. Getting fromrepparttar 138808 beginning torepparttar 138809 part ofrepparttar 138810 business where your page is up and running and you are making money can be an interesting series of hurdles, but there are ways to both make money and maneuverrepparttar 138811 sticky process that is business start up: affiliate programs. Affiliate programs offer many incentives that make them an excellent tool in creating your own online business.

Affiliate programs are simple. You have a web site. You putrepparttar 138812 affiliate's link on your website, usually inrepparttar 138813 form of a banner. When people click onrepparttar 138814 banner and visitrepparttar 138815 affiliate's site from your link,repparttar 138816 affiliate program owner will pay you. Many affiliate programs also offer additional incentives when those people actually buy fromrepparttar 138817 affiliate's site. When you work with an affiliate program, you actually do little work. Oncerepparttar 138818 banner is in place,repparttar 138819 affiliate's product and reputation doesrepparttar 138820 rest ofrepparttar 138821 work to bring in people and make you money. Money, however, is notrepparttar 138822 only incentive to joining an affiliate program.

8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure

Written by Cory Threlfall

Copyright 2005 The IWE, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) isrepparttar new technology onrepparttar 138788 block and is takingrepparttar 138789 Internet by storm as Internet marketers are hurrying to incorporate this new form of communication and technology into there existing online businesses to Maximize there exposure online with NEW and/or Existing customers.

I recently received a post on my Blog from a fellow that inspired me to write this article since I foundrepparttar 138790 nature ofrepparttar 138791 topic important to ALL who are serious about gettingrepparttar 138792 most out of there RSS feed and this new technology.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what he ask from readingrepparttar 138793 headline of this article.

Well... I did some research on what he had asked of me and came up with...

"8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure"

So, with that said, let's dive intorepparttar 138794 first and MOST important step to Maximizing your RSS feed forrepparttar 138795 exposure it deserves.

Step #1. Build a dedicated webpage for your RSS feed.

This is probablyrepparttar 138796 most important part of gettingrepparttar 138797 most out of your RSS feed, is by building your own dedicated webpage for your RSS feed subscription.

The KEY here is to give your potential readers many options to adding Your RSS feed.

The best way for me to illustrate this to you is by clicking onrepparttar 138798 link below that leads to my dedicated RSS feed subscription page so you can see first hand what you need to do to get yours started.

Click here:

Did you notice allrepparttar 138799 different options I give?

That's what you need to do.

Now, for those of you who aren't so web savvy, don't worry, I have something for you that will auto-generate a RSS feed webpage for you within minutes if you already have a Blog or RSS feed.

The service I'm talking about is called -- -- and is a free service for you to sign up for.

Here's what my webpage through looks like so you'll have an idea of what yours will look like.

Do you see allrepparttar 138800 options they give your potential readers to add your RSS feed to there RSS readers?

Once you've accomplished one ofrepparttar 138801 two options above your all set to start promoting your RSS feed for MAXIMUM exposure.

Step #2. Add links to your RSS feed webpage on your website.

This is yet just another way to pull your visitors towards your RSS feed webpage by simply adding Text or Graphic links to your existing webpages.

Make sure you put them in Highly visible area's where your visitors will see your links.

I would would put one atrepparttar 138802 top, middle and bottom of your website.

This really depends on what kind of website you have so you'll have to use your own dicression.

Here's what I have done on my website to give you an example. Click here:

Step #3. Add this HTML tag to your RSS feed webpage.

Here's something you can add to all your websites webpages that will getrepparttar 138803 attention of Search Engines spiders to come on over and check out your RSS feed further.

Simple addrepparttar 138804 following HTML tag torepparttar 138805 < head> of your document:

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