Affiliate Marketing Or Market Your Own Products?

Written by Jeff Smith

How should you organize your online business?

Affiliate marketing seems to make sense, its easy and low cost to start, and you can be up and running within a few days - but repparttar struggle is how to get traffic and make my offer different than allrepparttar 147239 others?

Onrepparttar 147240 other hand, creating your own product is what you may really want to do, if not for being so unsure about what topic to write about and findingrepparttar 147241 time in your busy life to get started?

Let me share two important true facts with you about choosing between affiliate marketing and producing/marketing your own products.

Tip 1: 99% of Successful Online Entrepreneurs Do Both

Tip 2: Most Successful Online Entrepreneurs Lead With Their Own Product To Build Affiliate Business

Here's why.

Truly successful online marketers look to differentiate and dominate a given niche demand within a market.

For example, Steve Manning offers a course on how to write and publish your book fast over at: There are many books and experts that aim at teaching people how to write or get published.

Steve focused on openingrepparttar 147242 doors to writing books torepparttar 147243 everday NON-writer. Simple techniques that anyone can use to put their ideas into print.

Steve offers his own product, but also occassionally offers affiliate products that he feels make sense for his audience.

Let's take another market - Strength Training and Fitness

Matt Furey (of has come from nowhere to dominate his market niche inrepparttar 147244 last few years with a combination of his own products, but also offers many affiliate products to his subscribers.

Seecrets On Website Promotion: How You Can Get A #1 Ranking For Your Website Name Within Thirty Days

Written by Stan Seecrets

Few businesses are prepared forrepparttar hyper speed and competition onrepparttar 147183 internet. Experts estimate that less than three percent ofrepparttar 147184 tens of thousands of new website registrations each day will eventually succeed. The sheer volume of daily announcements drowns out all butrepparttar 147185 savviest webmasters. Yet, most site owners overlook a simple law of physics.

Launching a new website with enough acceleration to rise above this ever increasing daily din needs some force. It is common to see a website with a different name and various product or service offerings with equally unrelated names. Promoting these diverse brands will naturally need more energy than promoting just one brand.

However, ifrepparttar 147186 website’s name is carefully chosen to resemblerepparttar 147187 site’s main theme, allrepparttar 147188 promotion energies can focused on just one keyword. Products and services can have this name embedded intorepparttar 147189 official product names (think Microsoft Office).

Considerrepparttar 147190 example of "seecrets", which is a misspelling of a common word. It also reflectsrepparttar 147191 main theme ofrepparttar 147192 website which is inrepparttar 147193 business of protecting digital data, documents and software. It is fortuitous coincidence that this name isrepparttar 147194 same asrepparttar 147195 site’s resident writer, Stan Seecrets.

This author then sent five articles in as many weeks to about a dozen article submission sites. The result was astonishing. Within a week afterrepparttar 147196 first article, Google ranked this author’s site #1 for this particular keyword. MSN also ranked this same #1 after about 6 weeks.

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