Affiliate Marketing Means Using Email Marketing

Written by David McKenzie

As an affiliate in an affiliate program you need to be good at affiliate marketing. One ofrepparttar most important aspects of affiliate marketing is email marketing.

Get it right and you will be a successful affiliate. Get it wrong and you will be just another affiliate statistic. (It is estimated that between 80% and 90% of affiliates make little or no money from affiliate programs)

What email marketing methods work best to be a successful affiliate?

Here are 3 methods that consistently producerepparttar 102473 best results for affiliates:

1. Developing a Newsletter

You MUST have a personal newsletter that goes out on a regular basis. Just because you're an affiliate doesn't mean you should not have a newsletter.

A newsletter with valuable information lets you build an email list. Then you can market your affiliate programs through articles and ezine ads in your own newsletter. I personally have experienced some excellent results by promoting affiliate programs I belong to in ezine ads.

I know I personally have clicked on thousands of ezine ads in newsletters!

2. Set up an Email Course

A great way to build an email list is to run a free email course.

The Latest Affiliate Marketing Trends

Written by George Papazoglou

---------------------------------------- Major Players inrepparttar Affiliate Marketing Industry like Commission Junction, Linkshare & BeFree are losing an armada of potential affiliates! ----------------------------------------

If you're actively involved in affiliate marketing, you've definitely witnessedrepparttar 102472 loophole to promoting merchants with big networks like CJ, Linkshare & BeFree.

These established pay-for-performance networks are becoming more and more self-centered, "selfish" and "advertiser-inclined".

Since these networks already profit by cashing-inrepparttar 102473 advertisers' contracted fees, they tend to gradually overlook fraud and business ethics.

If you're in affiliation with any ofrepparttar 102474 big networks, you've already encounteredrepparttar 102475 loophole by yourself, like; scumware, commission reversals, toll-free numbers, egocentric advertisers, rejections, apathy, inconsistent sales tracking, commission hi-jacking and other unscrupulous tactics, that cost you hundreds of dollars on a monthly average basis.

According to several statistical researches, a tragic 20%-37% of referred sales are lost, due to toll-free numbers that customers are "called to act on" and bypassrepparttar 102476 secure online registration, thus resulting in commission-loss for affiliates.

- However... Top Affiliate Marketers seem to Gaugerepparttar 102477 Dodge... -

As a result, a considerable number of average performing affiliates and "Super Affiliates", rely their confidence and investments in smaller pay-for-performance networks, that promise better service, ethical network management and dividends on all referred sales (including orders by fax, snail mail and by phone orders).

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