Affiliate Marketing Basics

Written by JC Anderl

Affiliate marketing is one ofrepparttar fastest growing ways to make money onrepparttar 102533 Internet. You can become an affiliate for any number of thousands of companies. Most ofrepparttar 102534 time it is quick, easy, and free to join.

To start with, you basically sign up as an affiliate and agree to receive a commission on every sale that you refer torepparttar 102535 company. You can refer customers from a website, newsletter, advertisements, or almost any other way that you can think to promote a product.

Quick Setup

You can get started very quickly and cheaply compared to almost any other business opportunity. Although it isn't as easy as putting up some banners and waiting forrepparttar 102536 checks to roll in, affiliate programs do avoidrepparttar 102537 problems of inventory, shipping, customer service, or variety of other issues that a business must address.

Second Stream Income

Affiliate programs make a great way to supplement you income if you already have a product or service that you are selling. Halfrepparttar 102538 battle is getting people to visit your website, so if you are already generating a good amount of traffic, then adding related affiliate programs and promoting them correctly can add a good sized stream of income to your business.

Pick a Program

One ofrepparttar 102539 most important steps in starting an affiliate program is making sure that you sign up withrepparttar 102540 right company. There are a number of factors to consider.

1. Commission - Some companies pay as low as 2% commission, while others can reach upwards of 60-70%. Obviously you aren't going to make any money promoting a product that you receive a very small percentage ofrepparttar 102541 sale. Your best off making sure to get at least 20% ofrepparttar 102542 sale.

2. Product Price - You also want to pay attention to how muchrepparttar 102543 product costs. You might make 50% commission, but ifrepparttar 102544 product only costs $6, then you are only going to get $3 a referral. You can do much better, you should be able to get at least $20 per referral for any good paying affiliate program.

Find a product with both a decent commission and a decent price. Your primary goal is making money, so makerepparttar 102545 most of your time spent referring customers.

3. Two-Tier Programs - There are programs that pay you a commission on direct referrals, and then they pay you a smaller commission on all referrals from affiliates that you signed up. This is a great perk, althoughrepparttar 102546 previous two factors are more important.

How to Get Ridiculously High Quality Affiliate Leads

Written by Dermot Hogan

Its a simple fact.

The most lucrative affiliate programs will haverepparttar most competition.

Take for example web hosting, which is a very profitable type of affiliate program, pays as much as $10 a month for sales. If you wanted to buy pay per click advertising on Overture you would have to pay over $8.00 forrepparttar 102532 #1 position and around $2.00 forrepparttar 102533 #40 position.

So how do you get qualified traffic to your affiliate link without spending thousands of dollars? Simple, make them pay to look at your affiliate link.

What do I mean by this? The best prospects you will ever get are people who have already bought a related product from you. If you earn their trust through giving them more than they expected they are very likely to buy from you again.

Setting this up is simple. Find a product related torepparttar 102534 program your promoting. This is not as hard as you might think. Go to any search engine and type in resale rights, you will get thousands of results.

Then concentrate on selling as many copies as possible. Dont worry about making anything onrepparttar 102535 initial product sale. You want to just focus onrepparttar 102536 back end.

Create an affiliate program forrepparttar 102537 product with a very high commission. 75% percent would be a good level to keep it at.

Then start emailing webmasters with sites related to your product and offer themrepparttar 102538 75% commission. With a commission that high you will definitely get a few to take you up onrepparttar 102539 offer.

The key step in this process is setting up your customer follow-up system. Youll need a follow-up auto responder for this.

Heres a simple guide to setting this up.

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