Affiliate Communication

Written by Sharon Housley

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Communication is Key! When building an affiliate network communicating with affiliates is important for merchants to maintain a good relationship. An affiliate's web site targets visitors, who may not necessarily view a merchant's web site, and therefore expands a merchants market. An affiliate may not be able to actively keep up withrepparttar 102371 merchants product, it is important for a merchant to keep affiliate's informed about new product information, sales, new releases, links, graphics, promotions and special offers.

Keep in mind, not all affiliates are going to produce a high volume of traffic, and importantly, visitors who want to purchase a merchant's products or services. The occasional gem makesrepparttar 102372 time taken well worth your effort. Talk with successful affiliates, find out what they are doing to effectively promote your software, and use that information to assist those affiliates who are not as successful.

Assist affiliates in understanding your product; no one knows your products like you do. For affiliates to drive traffic that will convert to sales, they need to understand repparttar 102373 benefits ofrepparttar 102374 product they are marketing. Once an affiliate knowsrepparttar 102375 product, they will be better able to act as an extended sales force. In order forrepparttar 102376 affiliate to makerepparttar 102377 effort, you simply must support them!

Make Communication Easy Many 3rd party affiliate-tracking programs notify bothrepparttar 102378 affiliate and merchant of a sale. This can often be automated and will create positive communication between merchants and affiliates. Making an affiliate's role easier will help them increase earnings and further promote a merchants site.

Provide affiliates with great looking graphics and sample text. Graphics that work best are those that highlight your web site, yet fitrepparttar 102379 look of an affiliate's web site.

Newsletters are another great way to get information to affiliates. Include tips and specific for affiliates, along with general marketing advice that helps with site promotion. If you are looking for software to manage newsletters, I highly recommend Group Mail -. http:/

What You Need To Know Before Joining Affiliate Programs

Written by Shelia Garrett

What You Need To Know Before Joining Affiliate Programs @2004 by Shelia Garrett

An affiliate program is a revenue-sharing arrangement, wherebyrepparttar affiliate (you), receive payment fromrepparttar 102368 owner of a product or service that you promote on their behalf. They are also called Associate Programs, Re-seller Programs, Commission or Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click and Click-Through Programs.

Affiliates refer surfers to someone else’s product or service, and get paid a “referral fee” or “commission” for every sale that is made. It's a win-win situation! You get extra traffic and sales, and they get a piece ofrepparttar 102369 action for their products being sold.

An affiliate makes a commission that may vary between 5% and 15% ofrepparttar 102370 purchase price. Some programs offer as much as 50%.

There are two types of affiliate programs. They are Single-Tier and Two-Tier. With a single-tier you are paid a commission for any sale that you refer and that’s it. With a two-tier you are paid a small percentage of any sales generated by affiliates that you recruit to join their program. The best tier to join isrepparttar 102371 Two-Tier.

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