Affiliate Alternatives; Google Adsense

Written by S. Housley

Affiliate Alternative; Google Adsense

by NotePage, Inc.

The Rise and Fall of Affiliate Programs Affiliate programs were once a great source of online revenue, a savvy webmaster with an eye for marketing could easily parley a site into a money making machine with a little luck and effort. However,repparttar evolution and growth ofrepparttar 102378 Internet has hamperedrepparttar 102379 growth of fortune making affiliate programs. Constant search engine algorithm changes, along withrepparttar 102380 search engine's clear distaste for sites participating in affiliate programs; have made it a little more difficult to earn a healthy affiliate revenue. An influx inrepparttar 102381 use of software programs that terminate cookie tracking and privacy programs that prevent webmasters from tracking referrers, have also hinderedrepparttar 102382 affiliate sales channel. While it is still possible to make money through affiliate marketing, other alternatives ought to be considered.

A Healthy Alternative or Supplement Google's Adsense program allows approved websites to dynamically serve Google's pay-per-click Adword results. This has become a popular alternative and an effective revenue sharing program for webmasters. Google's spider parsesrepparttar 102383 adserving website and serves ads that relate torepparttar 102384 website's content. Whilerepparttar 102385 Google's Adsense program still has some issues, they are making efforts to improve it.

The website maintenance related to Adsense is very easy and requires very little effort. Webmasters need only to insert javascript intorepparttar 102386 webpage or website template. The javascript callsrepparttar 102387 ad from Google and will ensure that ads are served each time a visitor goes torepparttar 102388 webpage. Ifrepparttar 102389 visitor clicks one ofrepparttar 102390 Adsense ads served torepparttar 102391 website,repparttar 102392 website owner is credited forrepparttar 102393 referral.

The implementation, while simple, has its drawbacks. Google dictatesrepparttar 102394 format ofrepparttar 102395 ads. Webmasters can select from a handful of preformatted text boxes that lack creativity. A recent improvement allows webmasters to modifyrepparttar 102396 ad boxes to resemblerepparttar 102397 website's color scheme. Still, a far cry from some ofrepparttar 102398 creative ads webmasters are accustom to.

The example below reflects howrepparttar 102399 color scheme can be modified to matchrepparttar 102400 look ofrepparttar 102401 website, butrepparttar 102402 ads physically don't fit well intorepparttar 102403 overall website design.

How To Create Your Own Successful And Profitable Affiliate Program

Written by Charles Kangethe

How To Create Your Own Successful And Profitable Affiliate Program

Simply Easier Marketing - Part 1. -----------------------------------------------------------------

(c) 2004 Charles Kangethe -------------------------

Most ofrepparttar truly successful marketers have three competitive advantages :

=> They run successful Affiliate Programs (Part 1)

=> They own large Opt-In Lists and have large traffic (Part 2)

=> They create their own products (Part 3)

Step #1 - Three Affiliate Program Opportunities ---------------------------------------------

=> Opportunity 1 - Using Own Products and Services

Combining your own products with a successful Affiliate Program is almost a license to write your own checks.

=> Opportunity 2 - Using Resell and Master Rights Products

Surprisingly, as you will see in step 4, you can create and run an Affiliate Program even if you don't have your own products and services.

=> Opportunity 3 - Substitute Joint Ventures

All successful Affiliate Programs are joint ventures in miniature. Your affiliate partners require as much of your support and commitment as would any JV partners.

Step #2 - The Top Ten Features Of A Good Affiliate Program ----------------------------------------------------------

1) It delivers consistent sales for Affiliates, by marketing products with high consumer benefits.

2) It operates on a Leveraged I'ncome Pay structure, which extends a number of levels deep.

3) It operates on a Residual I'ncome Pay structure giving Affiliates repeat I'ncome.

4) A good program has high quality marketing tools and incentives forrepparttar 102377 Affiliates.

5) It pays out big percentages ofrepparttar 102378 sale torepparttar 102379 Affiliates and it pays promptly

6) The administration function tracks and corrects affiliate issues quickly, and effectively.

7) A good program trains and supports Affiliates enthusiastically.

8) It offers Affiliates complimentary, high value, front and back end products for promotion.

9) It handles all end customer care issues.

10) A good program constantly tests new ideas to support and strengthen ties with affiliates and end customers alike.

#Step 3 - "Own Product Affiliate Program" ----------------------------------------

Most people join an Affiliate Program onrepparttar 102380 strength and reliability of its compensation plan.

* Compensation Structure Planning : -----------------------------------

=> Who can joinrepparttar 102381 program

Is it open to anyone or just selected, approved partners ?

=> Downline matrix structure for Leveraged I'ncome

How deep isrepparttar 102382 matrix of downline earnings for Leveraged I'ncome ?

=> Residual I'ncome Payments

Doesrepparttar 102383 program pay Residual I'ncome, on repeat subscriptions for as long asrepparttar 102384 end customer renews ?

=> Minimum Payment amounts, and deadlines.

Policy on payments, returns and deductions from Affiliate payments must be clear fromrepparttar 102385 beginning.

=> Affiliate monitoring ofrepparttar 102386 program

Affiliates must be able to easily monitor referrals and earnings. Clear and accurate reports to Affiliates should be available online or sent by e-mail.

* Marketing Plans -----------------

Develop high quality graphical links that Affiliates can use on their own websites to point to your program. These include

=> Web Templates and copy

=> Banner Links

=> Button Links

=> Text Links

Write e-courses coaching your Affiliates on what works best in promoting your products and services.

Do not makerepparttar 102387 mistake of thinking that when they sign uprepparttar 102388 whole thing will run on autopilot.

* Legal Issues --------------

Consult professional, qualified lawyers to help you draw up your program terms and conditions before you go to market. The upfront cost involved may save you greater expense inrepparttar 102389 future.

Step #4 - Resell and Master Rights Product Affiliate Programs -----------------------------------------------------------

An Affiliate Program without your own products is possible, but use caution - it is less likely to be a huge earner, than one promoting your own stable of products.

Why would anyone join an Affiliate Program to promote a resell or master rights product, that they could buy and sell earning 100% ofrepparttar 102390 profits ?

The answer is reduced effort, time and money.

An Affiliate Program for resell or master rights products savesrepparttar 102391 affiliate from having to buy, process, add value to and give customer service torepparttar 102392 resell rights product.

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