Advice for Web Purchasing

Written by Richard Lowe

I recommend that you be very cautious about purchasing anything onrepparttar internet. Why? The internet is large, new and unprotected in many cases. It is incredibly easy for a fly-by-night schemer to set up shop, defraud some people, then move on without getting caught. And it's often difficult to determine who isrepparttar 109042 good guy and who isrepparttar 109043 bad guy.

Not to mentionrepparttar 109044 problems of credit card fraud, privacy invasion and other unseemly attacks on your money and good name. Some ofrepparttar 109045 dangers include:

- Your credit card numbers can be stolen by any number of means. These credit cards will then be charged up as high as they will go. You are legally protected from this kind of thing, but you have to report it quick and you will not be able to userepparttar 109046 disputed amount while it is being investigated.

- Spammers can get hold of your email address and send you undesired advertisements.

- Unauthorized people can get your personal information and use it against you in some way.

- In extreme cases, people may use your social security number (and other numbers) to gain credit in your name. This is called identity theft.

Here are some suggestions to help fight some of these things.

- Make sure you are using a secure link. This is easy to determine, as you will seerepparttar 109047 "https" inrepparttar 109048 site address. Your browser may also display a locked symbol.

The Ten Best E-Commerce Strategies

Written by Steven Pruner

Strategy #1 - Copy

Smaller e-commerce sites must strive to increase their customer base whilerepparttar costs are still low. Smaller e-commerce sites can see whatrepparttar 109041 multi-million dollar sites are doing and simply copy much of what they are doing. Althoughrepparttar 109042 copying strategy is not a strategy of a market leader, smaller e-commerce ventures rarely haverepparttar 109043 resources to be market leaders.

Strategy #2 - Build Loyal Customers Base Now

Whilerepparttar 109044 costs are relatively low, now isrepparttar 109045 time to build a loyal customer base that can serve asrepparttar 109046 core business. Small e-commerce ventures should be spending money now to increaserepparttar 109047 size ofrepparttar 109048 customer base. Lock in advertising rates and establish ad programs where prices can be grand-fathered in. It will cost a lot more later.

Strategy #3 - Allow For Frequent Site Updates

Keeping your site fresh will keep your current customers coming back to your site without being bored or put off because your site has not changed. The motto, "Content is King" applies to e-commerce sites too! Shoppers and customers need helpful, educational information that keeps them coming back to your site.

Strategy #4 - Move Inventory Around

Just like in a bricks and mortar store, you need to moverepparttar 109049 inventory around. Place different items on sale. Create timely sales. Put items on special and bring them torepparttar 109050 homepage. Feature items with more information. Put up special graphics for sale and special items. Offer a clearance sale or a clearance section to your site.

Strategy #5 - Auctions for Profit

Supplementing your e-commerce sites with selling on auction sites can be an excellent sales and advertising opportunity. Put items for auction onrepparttar 109051 auction sites and make sure it has a link back to your own e-commerce site.

Strategy #6 - Watchrepparttar 109052 Backend

Now that you haverepparttar 109053 order, you have to finishrepparttar 109054 shopping experience for repparttar 109055 customer. You should have in place a system to make surerepparttar 109056 order is shipped in a timely fashion and thatrepparttar 109057 customer is kept informed ofrepparttar 109058 order status. Email is sufficient for keeping in touch. Make sure you are handingrepparttar 109059 shipping in good time.

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