Advertising that annoys: The real story.

Written by Mark Levit

Critics conclude that entertaining or “creative” commercials sell better than those that are bland. But likingrepparttar commercial may not really be that important inrepparttar 149839 scheme of things. It all depends onrepparttar 149840 needs and preferences, motivation and financial reservations ofrepparttar 149841 customer. The question isn't whether people likerepparttar 149842 advertisement or not, it’s whetherrepparttar 149843 advertisement is effective in selling.

Often, people who are irritated by certain campaigns don't fall withinrepparttar 149844 intended target market. In 2000 Budweiser ran its ''Whassup?!'' campaign. Ad Track reported these commercials scored best with 18- to 24-year-olds; 52% ofrepparttar 149845 survey participants said they liked them ''a lot'', while participants 65 years old and over didn't understand them, or didn't want to; 61% dislikedrepparttar 149846 commercials. Yet, it's highly unlikely that Budweiser was trying to reachrepparttar 149847 65+ market.

When Toys R Us launched their campaign featuring Geoffreyrepparttar 149848 giraffe to promoterepparttar 149849 revamping of all Toys R Us stores, 38% of women ratedrepparttar 149850 advertisements highly compared to 16% of men. Sincerepparttar 149851 advertiser's goal was to get moms back intorepparttar 149852 stores, that low rating from men was meaningless to Toys R Us.

Pier 1 started running its commercials featuring Kirstie Alley this year. Twenty-seven percent ofrepparttar 149853 people familiar withrepparttar 149854 commercials didn’t like them, and only 6% thought that they were effective. That comes as a surprise to Pier 1 because same-store sales rose 17% in February and foot traffic is up 12% since October! The goal of most advertising is to increase sales. So, if people buy,repparttar 149855 advertising is effective—no matter what critics may say.

Let's look at some other factors that contribute torepparttar 149856 effectiveness of "irritating" or "disliked" advertising. Media weighting has a lot to do with response to advertising. It's importantrepparttar 149857 media plan is developed to accurately reach its target. Justrepparttar 149858 right amount of frequency has been proven to increase recall, recognition and even persuasion. So a focused and targeted media schedule with effective frequency is a major influence in selling a product.

Combining Technologies To Make The Most Of Your Advertising Dollar

Written by Fred Ost

Advertising has come a long way since people used to carve messages intorepparttar bottoms of sandals, and it takes a little bit of research to make that progress do more for your small business.

I say small business because I own and operate a small business specializing in helping small business makerepparttar 149673 most of their advertising budget by combining different forms of advertising. Print advertising will never disappear, as wonderful asrepparttar 149674 internet and television are there is still no substitute for flipping through a newspaper or sitting in your favorite chair byrepparttar 149675 window checking out some of your favorite magazines. The problem with print advertising be it newspaper or magazine for most small business owners isrepparttar 149676 cost. Unless you commit yourself to advertising in multiple issues you will not getrepparttar 149677 best prices and for most of us that usually results in purchasing a smaller ad than we had hoped for. One ofrepparttar 149678 biggest downfalls of newspapers isrepparttar 149679 lack of target marketing capability, aboutrepparttar 149680 only thing you can tell from most newspapers is whererepparttar 149681 majority ofrepparttar 149682 subscribers live although you can get other demographic info like income/age/education bracket but that's more info than we need. Magazines do offer an advantage here by appealing to a much more specific type of readership, demographic, target market or whichever buzz word you prefer but that too is going to come at a higher premium with similar sacrifices torepparttar 149683 quality and size of ad you would like to run.

Television, like magazines can be very useful in reaching a very specific group of people with your advertising, for example if you have a bait and tackle shop you can just purchase advertising time during "Fishing With Fred" as opposed to purchasing your time slot duringrepparttar 149684 local news. If there is a television show that you know reachesrepparttar 149685 people you know would benefit from your product or service you can contactrepparttar 149686 producers to find out how to buy commercial spots during their program. Cable companies often offer discounts on commercial production withrepparttar 149687 purchase of commercial airtime or "spots" as they are called. These spots usually are either 15 or 30 seconds long. Withrepparttar 149688 falling costs of video cameras in addition to computer video editing hardware and softwarerepparttar 149689 cost of a television commercial is much more affordable than most people think, you might even be able to make one yourself.

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