Advertising in RSS Feeds: Are we risking disaster?

Written by Joe Duchesne

Advertising in RSS feeds is something that Google is considering offering to its Adwords and Adsense customers. RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication and is a really easy way for a webmaster to share their news and information stories torepparttar world wide web.

Up until recently, RSS feeds had very few options for making money with them directly. Of course having at least one RSS feed on your website content will certainly buildrepparttar 148393 relationship you have with your website visitors which will result in more sales for your company, making direct money from syndicating your RSS feed wasn't possible until recently.

Is Putting Advertising in RSS Feeds a good idea?

There is risk to placing advertising in an RSS feed. Your visitors are being bombarded by spam in their email boxes on a daily basis. Everywhere you go online you run into advertising in many different forms. Is it really a good idea to put Advertising in an RSS feed?

I think it is and here's why. The internet isrepparttar 148394 greatest source of information that any of us have access to. Much of this information is free. The problem is, it takes real effort not to mention knowledge to get that information online in a useful form. People and organizations that are good at doing this deserve to be compensated. If advertising in all forms was somehow able to be banned today onrepparttar 148395 internet, tomorrow,repparttar 148396 amount of quality information available for free online would drop dramatically. In order to try to earn a living, most content providers would immediately have to seek some form of compensation online.

A right way to add advertising and a wrong way

Even though I'm in favor of seeing advertising in RSS feeds, I think that there has to be great moderation inrepparttar 148397 approach you use. If too many items inrepparttar 148398 RSS feed are advertising, a user will simply unsubscribe themselves from your feed. You would also have to be concerned about webmasters who pick up your feed. If you don't provide enough quality content in your RSS feeds, you'll find it very difficult to get anyone to syndicaterepparttar 148399 RSS feed.


Written by Val Burnett

Duringrepparttar last year we have seen a big change in how marketers promote their products. We believe that truth in advertising will get you much farther than hype, dishonesty or misleading ads/subject lines. If you use these tactics most, if not all,repparttar 147743 people will shun you and refuse to sign up under you for any program or service you promote. This is FACT.

When you promote onrepparttar 147744 internet, you are not only promoting your product, service or affiliate programs, you are also promoting YOURSELF. Everything you write or do reflects on you and how other marketers view you. How you represent yourself determines whether you will be respected and taken seriously or not.

There are so many marketing newbies these days observing how other marketers promote their products. BUT they may not be picking up good advertising skills by doing this. Overrepparttar 147745 last while there have been a larger number of marketers using what we call "Dirty" tricks in their subject lines in order to get you to open their email. This actually doesn't dorepparttar 147746 marketer any good, because as soon as their email is opened,repparttar 147747 person that has been 'duped' byrepparttar 147748 subject line feels cheated and deletesrepparttar 147749 email, but not before making note ofrepparttar 147750 persons name and/or referral URL so they can make sure to NEVER sign up for their programs again.

This is an inappropriate way to promote any opportunity. These are just a few examples of inappropriate subject lines:

"Activate your account, please" "YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN TERMINATED" "Remove!!" "Your Account Has Been De-Activated" "From Admin" "Congratulations you won free software" "Admin - Your Confirmation Required" "Notification of Payment Received!!" "Paypal Notification" "URGENT - You Must Confirm Your Free Position Now !" "Your commission check" "Confirmation Required" "You've made another commission!"

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