Advertising Dilemma: Try Junk and Chunk

Written by Raymond Johnston Jr

Time management is a very difficult task. Trying to figure out how much time to put into each part of your marketing is very hard and even more so for those of you just starting out.

In my last article "Educate Your Way to Success", we discussed how difficult it is to succeed without educating yourself.

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Today, we are going to take a look at how important advertising is for your business and how much time you should be spending to give yourepparttar greatest chance at success.

The need to advertise will never cease but once you have been in business for a while,repparttar 101010 amount of time you spend will probably decrease. I could go into a lot of reasons butrepparttar 101011 bottom line isrepparttar 101012 longer you are in business,repparttar 101013 more traffic you will get without as much effort.

So what are some good ways to spend your time advertising?

Most people just starting out are on a very limited budget, so we will look at some ofrepparttar 101014 less costly ways to advertise.

First you can look at some ofrepparttar 101015 ezines that allow free advertisements. Many allow you to advertise once a month or even once a week.

There are a number of ezine directories that can help you find some of these ezines. Here is my favorite, simply because they make it very easy to findrepparttar 101016 information your are looking for.

There are many more and you can find a more complete list at

Another way to generate some traffic to your site is by start page and surfing sites. These can provide anywhere from a small amount of traffic to a whole lot of traffic.

Most of these program will give you some hits for signing up. You can also earn more traffic by surfing other websites. The best way to earn traffic here, is to build a downline of people. You get a percentage ofrepparttar 101017 hits they generate and you have to do absolutely nothing.

Make Your Free Ads Work For You!

Written by Kristy A. Taylor

Advertising needn't be expensive, and for those inrepparttar know; advertising can also be free. But occasionally your 'free' ads can get lost inrepparttar 101009 e-zine jungle. And, unfortunately, many people misuse their free ads. By 'misuse' I mean; do not word their ads appropriately. How many times have you seenrepparttar 101010 exact same ad forrepparttar 101011 exact same product? Probably too many times. Why would you want to risk having your ad placed directly underneath somebody else's ad that is exactlyrepparttar 101012 same as yours?

The best way to use, not misuse, your ad is to use a two-step system. Don't userepparttar 101013 advertising material thatrepparttar 101014 affiliate program has supplied. Why? Because it will berepparttar 101015 same material that every other affiliate will be using. Try to write your own ads. Don't worry about inventing that eye catching headline and having those action generating words, leave all that hype torepparttar 101016 so-called experts.

One ofrepparttar 101017 most effectively worded ads is an ad that is clear and straightforward. There's no need to hide your product underneath an ALL CAPS heading, a lot of BS promises and finally a URL that is as long as my grandma's knitting yarn. Ultimately you want to aim for a short two-liner. Why? Because it will be quicker to read and it will stand out from all ofrepparttar 101018 5 to 8 liners. Most ofrepparttar 101019 longer ads disguiserepparttar 101020 actual product with a lot of fancy words, only to haverepparttar 101021 prospect 'click away' within 5 seconds of reachingrepparttar 101022 site, because: 'they've seen it before'. That's an instant loss. You don't even get a chance to capturerepparttar 101023 prospects' details.

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