Advertising Target Your Audience

Written by Shahnaz Rauf

Lately you have been hearing a lot about targeted advertising. To convert a major percentage of your site visitors into buyers and maximizerepparttar return on your advertising dollar you need to target your advertising. But what is targeted advertising? To gain insight you first need to answerrepparttar 101134 following questions:

-Is your product gender related? (males, females or both)

-Is your product age related? (Toddlers, kids, teens, young adults,repparttar 101135 middle ages, elders)

-Which particular interest group will your product appeal to most? (Home, entertainment, education, personal, Health, small business, corporations etc.)

-Who will most likely buy your product? (School kids, parents, home based moms, nurses etc.)

If you have answered allrepparttar 101136 above questions, you will realize that for instance if you are selling toddlers toys, its a waste of your money and efforts to advertise in business magazines. To be sure you might make some sales if you advertise persistently but you won't get a good return on your investment.

So how do you go about targeted advertising. Here are a few online techniques which if done properly could in fact explode your sales:

Don't Just Advertise, Track Your Advertising!

Written by Pat Singleton

Advertising is not an exact science, so you need to give yourself every advantage, when it comes to determining where to spend your budget!

When you place your Contact or Autoresponder info atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 101133 ad, do it so it's a simple clickable link:

put ?subject=key after your email address.


Or if you prefer to just drive traffic to your web site you can userepparttar 101134 same concept just a different format.


Then when you check your stats from your counter program you'll seerepparttar 101135 different keys representing where your visitors came from.

Always use a short descriptive Key, and always keep a record of which Key goes with which ad!


Ad placed in John Doe's Weekly Mktg Tips

Key used = "JD"

Set up a simple text record to keep track of your results:

Source URL-Key Ad-Key Date Type **************************************************************************** IMS Ezine IMS 01/01/01 Ad World Profit WP 02/15/01 Banner

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