Advantages of online greeting cards over paper cards - part I

Written by Ispas Marin

After some recent reports it seems that 90% of all people buy many greeting cards. Onlyrepparttar American people buy 7 billion greeting cards every year. inrepparttar 149617 UKrepparttar 149618 rate is about 2 billions in one year. So, ifrepparttar 149619 cards purchased only by this two count ryes were aligned end-to-end they would stretch aroundrepparttar 149620 world 49 times.

But greeting cards are a good way to bring people joy and happiness. Trough a greeting card you can make somebody feel well, wish them al it's best inrepparttar 149621 world. So in this article we won't try make you think that greeting cards are not a good thing, just to show you that you can send your good thoughts to people that are important to you in a more environmentally way.

The real problem is thatrepparttar 149622 billions of greeting cards that people buyrepparttar 149623 every year use a lot of paper. There are also some manufacturers that use recycled paper. There are also some environmentally damaging companies that use toxic printer inks. But we remind you again that there are manufacturers that use some less toxic alternatives but also they sue energy and they polluterepparttar 149624 environment in some way.

The Challenge of Life

Written by H. Vanoy Barton

The Challenge of Life by H. Vanoy Barton

Challenge is something we all face every day of our life. Without challenge none of us would have learned to walk, to talk or to get along with others. Simply put, challenge allowsrepparttar opportunity to learn.

Do not fear any challenge. Those words are easily written, easily said. But, truer words have never been written. Challenge isrepparttar 149601 force of life. Standing upright is overcomingrepparttar 149602 challenge presented by gravity. Smiling inrepparttar 149603 face of despair is overcoming defeat. Challenge offersrepparttar 149604 ability to improve. Without resistance there is no growth. Adaptation andrepparttar 149605 ability and willingness to overcome isrepparttar 149606 hallmark signature of humanity. No matterrepparttar 149607 challenge business, financial, personal, spiritual or medical - overcoming challenge isrepparttar 149608 measure of progress. You are stronger than you realize; you can overcome and adapt. Help is but a thought away.

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