Advantages of Buying Used Servers

Written by Tony Rice

Are you or your company in need of another server, butrepparttar cost is too high? Do you feel like you are paying a large sum of money for a new system and you arenít gettingrepparttar 107789 configuration that you were hoping for because it is too costly? Are you looking to getrepparttar 107790 most equipment forrepparttar 107791 amount of money you have budgeted? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions than this isrepparttar 107792 article for you! Used Servers can be purchased and configured to your needs, while saving you a bundle. Here are some ofrepparttar 107793 benefits of buying used. First and foremost, buying used server equipment saves you money! In fact, at, you can save upwards 70% on some items! This allows you to invest that money elsewhere, and makes your boss happy. Here is an example ofrepparttar 107794 savings in used:

Focus Technology Price: Sun E250 (used) $1,000.00

Competitive Price on a similar Configuration Sun E250 (new) $12,999.00

Introduction to ASP.Net

Written by Pawan Bangar

Introduction to ASP.Net

This article is for all software developers who just love to keep themselves updated withrepparttar latest in technology----it takes a comprehensive look atrepparttar 107788 latest development inrepparttar 107789 world of Microsoft's.NET.

If you are committed software developer, you must be aware that ‘web services' isrepparttar 107790 latest buzzword to have hitrepparttar 107791 IT industry. And that this technology trend holds tremendous potential for addressing business problems.

Extensible markup language (XML) isrepparttar 107792 universal format for data onrepparttar 107793 web. With XML web services gaining momentum among developers asrepparttar 107794 next generation of internet-based computing. A platform that made it similar to build these solutions and provide a reliable framework for integration and interoperability was needed. Microsoft's answer to this much-felt need was .NET—a platform for building, deploying, operating and integrating XML web services.

.NET isrepparttar 107795 only platform that has been built to support XML services ground up, and Microsoft has been extensively working withrepparttar 107796 industry to develop standard s like SOAP and UDDI,repparttar 107797 XML web services search directory that exits today.

Let's now take a detailed look at all that Microsoft's .NET has to offer software developers byrepparttar 107798 analyzingrepparttar 107799 latest developments that have taken place in this platform.


ASP.NET is more thanrepparttar 107800 next version of active server pages (APS) ----- it isrepparttar 107801 unified web development platform that providesrepparttar 107802 services necessary for developers to build enterprise-class web applications.ASP.NET is a compiled, .NET -based environment; you can author applications in any.NET compatible language, including ASP.NET Visual Basic .NET, C#, andrepparttar 107803 jscript.NET. Additionally,repparttar 107804 entire .NET framework is available to any ASP.NET application.

Developers can choose from one of two features when creating an ASP.NET application, web services, or combine these in any way they see fit.

Web forms to allow you to build powerful forms-based web pages. When building these pages, you can use ASP.NET server controls to create common UI elements, and programs then from common tasks.

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