Advantages and Advice About Online Degrees

Written by Larry Denton

Today, many people are engaging in some form of self-improvement activity. Bookstores, magazines,and newspapers are full of books and articles on how to be a better human being. If you want to be healthier, you diet. If you want to feel younger, you exercise. To expand your horizons, you travel or learn a foreign language. While these are all worthwhile activities, perhaps none are as important as continuing your education and obtaining a college degree.

Online education is no longerrepparttar wave ofrepparttar 136005 future. It is here now! Aroundrepparttar 136006 country and, indeed, aroundrepparttar 136007 world, most colleges and universities provide some or all of their classes onrepparttar 136008 Internet. Some schools provide an entire degree program online. Thousands of people, from all walks of life, are getting an online college degree by taking these classes inrepparttar 136009 comfort of their own home.

Not long ago, distance learning was perceived as trendy, faddish and inferior. Today, however, "12% of all students are taking classes online and what they are learning is just as good as if they were sitting in classrooms and lecture halls," says Dr. I. Elaine Allen, Babson College associate professor of statistics.

A comprehensive survey released by Babson College andrepparttar 136010 Sloan Consortium concludes that online learning is just as good as traditional, face-to-face classroom instruction. The survey also reports that online learning is at historically high levels and predicts that it will continue to grow at an annual rate of nearly 20 percent.

The driving forces behindrepparttar 136011 phenomenal growth of online education are convenience and demand. Traditional colleges and universities set annual and semester schedules for when classes are offered. This is notrepparttar 136012 case with e-colleges and online courses. Students pursuing online degrees can takerepparttar 136013 courses they want, when they want, and are not confined to any set schedule of class offerings.

Online degree courses offer much more flexibility inrepparttar 136014 lives ofrepparttar 136015 students. You can literally go to class in your pajamas since your classroom is your living room (or office), and you can work on your online degree any time ofrepparttar 136016 day or night. Distance learning degrees are now available torepparttar 136017 stay-at-home parent,repparttar 136018 single parent,repparttar 136019 working parent, working class men and women of all ages, and home bound men and women.

Potential students are no longer limited to local community classes, universities housed on large, far away campuses, or night schools. Online degree programs provide students with a method to pursue a valuable college degree without leaving their current job or living situation. A major part ofrepparttar 136020 expense of a college education isrepparttar 136021 need to relocate to another town or city to live on or nearrepparttar 136022 traditional campus. With online degree programs, however, students can continue with their current employment and fit classes in at their convenience.

Quality Schools

Written by Kim Olver

Quality Schools

After presenting these ideas atrepparttar NAREN (National At-Risk Education Network) in Wisconsin last week, I was asked to write an article that would be able to reach more people to spreadrepparttar 135828 exciting word about Dr. William Glasserís work inrepparttar 135829 area of Quality Schools.

There are many characteristics that are required in order for a school to be listed as a Quality School. There are currently 13 such schools inrepparttar 135830 country, with many more on their journey to become Quality Schools.

In a Quality School, relationships are based upon trust and respect, and all discipline problems, not incidents, have been eliminated. Total Learning Competency is stressed and an evaluation that is below competence or what is now a "B" has been eliminated. All schooling as defined by Dr. William Glasser has been replaced by useful education. All students do some Quality Work each year that is significantly beyond competence. All such work receives an "A" grade or higher, such as an "A+".

Students and staff are taught to use Choice Theory in their lives and in their work in school. Parents are encouraged to participate in study groups to become familiar withrepparttar 135831 ideas of Dr. William Glasser. Students do better on state proficiency tests and college entrance examinations. The importance of these tests is emphasized inrepparttar 135832 school. Staff, students, parents and administrators viewrepparttar 135833 school as a joyful place.

All ofrepparttar 135834 above criterion must be in place to be listed as a Quality School. When a school is a Quality School,repparttar 135835 dictates of ďNo Child Left BehindĒ take care of themselves. Now, of course there will be a few children who have totally rejected school that are unreachable but forrepparttar 135836 majority, they will learn and do quality work.

The way to achieve this is to implementrepparttar 135837 three conditions of quality. First,repparttar 135838 school and each classroom must create an environment that will meetrepparttar 135839 needs ofrepparttar 135840 students, and consequently of teachers. All humans are born with five basic human needs. We haverepparttar 135841 need for survival, connection/love, power, freedom and fun/learning. This is true of students and teachers.

In order to help students meet their need for survival,repparttar 135842 school and classroom must be safe. They must feel that they wonít be hurt physically or emotionally. When students feel safe, there is no need to threaten teachers or other students.

In order for students to satisfy their need for connection/love, they must have a relationship withrepparttar 135843 teacher andrepparttar 135844 other students. They must believe thatrepparttar 135845 teacher has their best interest at heart. The more you give love and connection away,repparttar 135846 more they come back to you.

In order to satisfy a studentís need for power, teachers must listen to and respect their studentsí ideas and issues. This does not mean that teachers must agree with their students but they must at least letrepparttar 135847 students know that they are important. When students feel listened to and respected, they donít disrespect their teachers and they tend to listen more.

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