Adultery as Sexual Addiction: Should You Stay Married?

Written by Dr. Robert Huizenga, The Infidelity Coach

I outline 7 kinds of affairs in my E-book, "Break Free Fromrepparttar Affair." One affair, "I Can't Say NO!" is characterized by addictive tendencies. Infidelity (as well as pornography, strip clubs, online chatting, compulsive masturbation, etc.) may be a part ofrepparttar 146280 sexual addiction.

Oftenrepparttar 146281 spouse or partner of a sexually addicted person intuitively knows ofrepparttar 146282 addiction andrepparttar 146283 struggle his/her partner has withrepparttar 146284 behavior.

The partner often "feels for" his/her partner and is in a great quandary about staying inrepparttar 146285 marriage or leavingrepparttar 146286 marriage.

If you are a person facing this dilemma or know of someone who is, here are some pointed questions to help move more quickly throughrepparttar 146287 decision making process:

1. Do you really want to saverepparttar 146288 marriage or are you just plain worn out? Does it seem that it would be much easier to just put up and toleraterepparttar 146289 crazy kind of behavior you bump into with him? Are you emotionally fried and think of confronting him with your feelings and thoughts of endingrepparttar 146290 marriage as jumping into more emotional turmoil?

2. Do you really want to saverepparttar 146291 marriage or do you think you should hang in there for religious, moral or other “should” reasons? Most spouses who partner with those who can’t say no are very conscientious people. Is that you? Do you want to dorepparttar 146292 right thing? Are you willing to continue feelingrepparttar 146293 humiliation and facingrepparttar 146294 dangers because you believe you should stay inrepparttar 146295 marriage? Do convictions rather than practical and personal concerns dictate your decisions?

3. Do you really want to saverepparttar 146296 marriage or do you believe you should stay to protectrepparttar 146297 children? Do you think you arerepparttar 146298 only spouse who can care forrepparttar 146299 children? (You may be.) Or maybe your spouse cares deeply forrepparttar 146300 children and is a good parent. (That may be also.) Do you think that endingrepparttar 146301 marriage would make life immeasurably worse for your children? Do you fear for their welfare if you confront his behavior?

4. Do you really want to saverepparttar 146302 marriage or do you see absolutely no way out and are resigned to this marriage? You may experience a powerful pervasive feeling of being stuck. You may believe that you have tried everything and that it is inrepparttar 146303 best interest of everyone to stay where you are. Couple your weariness with your sense of being stuck and you may tolerate a great deal of disappointment and pain forrepparttar 146304 sake ofrepparttar 146305 marriage.

Russian women are very beautiful

Written by Ralph Holt / Leonid Zichkov

Russian/Ukrainian women are very beautiful physically. They rank no. 1 inrepparttar world in my opinion. They are built strong and healthy but very feminine. They have beautiful features. They like long hair, and they have a beautiful complexion. They have beautiful eyes.

Physically, they are stunning to look at with nice curves in their figure. Add to thisrepparttar 146191 way they dress and you can't take your eyes off them. It is wonderful to look at them. They dress to please a man, especiallyrepparttar 146192 one they want. When they go some place they dress like a woman should. Under adverse conditions they maintain their appearance and beauty.

They stress hygiene, and keep there home clean. You must learn some of their customs such as taking shoes off before going into their home.

It's amazing how many there are women single and looking for a serious relationship with a man. There are more women than men. Also, many don't trust their men for marriage.

They are mature and content with what they have and are modest. They are faithful. Having a good meaningful family life is most important to them. They are intelligent and street smart, so don't try to fool them. Being of one race and culture makes them easier to understand. They love children and take very good care of them. They work very hard to make ends meet, and don't waste anything.

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