Adult Web Hosting: The all you need to know

Written by Rodel Garcia

What sort of web hosting options should you go for if you want to host an adult website? You need to remember that this isrepparttar most critical aspect of your adult website. Facts like shared or dedicated adult web hosting,repparttar 135990 maximum allowed bandwidth,repparttar 135991 average uptime ofrepparttar 135992 server andrepparttar 135993 server space should be critically taken into consideration while researching for your adult web host.

Now let us visit some points in detail to make sure that you chooserepparttar 135994 right adult web host to host your adult website.


Most web hosts provide shared web hosting by default. By 'shared web hosting' we mean that your website is being hosted on a server that hosts other websites too. For a basic website with limited bandwidth requirement and server space this is a preferred option to go for.

For an adult website, onrepparttar 135995 other hand, one should go for dedicated web hosting because if you host an adult website, then you'll obviously be storing hundreds of images there. The traffic will be huge (at least compared to non-adult websites) and hundreds of visitors will be downloading/loadingrepparttar 135996 images, consuming lots of bandwidth inrepparttar 135997 process. Besides, if you host an e-commerce adult website where your visitors have to pay a subscription fee to download images and movie flicks, you'll need a dedicated server to availrepparttar 135998 secure server facilities.


You may feel apprehensive about leaving your crucial data (images, movies, credit cards, email addresses) on some one else's web host. One option is to maintain your own server data center, which can be very costly and most adult webmasters cannot afford it. Besides, it is not even sensible to incur so high a cost unless you are running a mega e-commerce website.

Such a requirement can be solved by having a co-located server. With co-located servers, your hosting company connects your hardware torepparttar 135999 Internet and provides you with rack space, a secure environment to store your server in, and technical support. On your part, you need to providerepparttar 136000 company withrepparttar 136001 actual server, maintenance and software in order to host your adult website on your co-located server. Co-located servers generally give you more control over your hardware without having to worry about vandalism, hacking, theft or connectivity outages.

Choosing a web host based on price? Don't!

Written by David Leonhardt

Choosing a web host based on price? Don't! 3 reasons why price should not dictaterepparttar web host you choose By David Leonhardt It's tempting. There are so many companies offering cut-rate hosting loaded with astounding post-futuristic techno-gizmo features ! that it just makes sense to save a few dollars, right? Think again. First, consider how much you would be saving. If you run a business site, saving $5, $10 or even $15 a month is not a big saving. No going concern will become a stopping concern on account of even $15 a month. Butrepparttar 135977 wrong web host can stop a business cold. Here are three reasons to look beyond price when choosing your web host.

  • Usability. Confession time: I chose my first website host based on price. The control panel was not easy to use, and I often found myself traveling in circles trying to enter it. I switched to my second web host based not just on price, but on usability, and I instantly became a pro. Well, not quite. But I was able to manage my email accounts and learn about CGI, and check my traffic stats and edit my html files right onrepparttar 135978 server. Not bad for a newbie who couldn't even find his files on his previous host's server.
  • Service. I thought my second host had great service. They even answered my emails. Untilrepparttar 135979 dreaded day that some guy with a chip on his shoulder filed a phony spam complaint. I was out inrepparttar 135980 cold. In fact, they would not answer my emails or even speak to me at all. Meanwhile, my ISP responded torepparttar 135981 same phony complaint immediately, sharing with me a copy and giving me a chance to deal with it. That ISP is now my third web host. I pay a little more, butrepparttar 135982 personal service is worth it. I have no hesitation recommending Phastnet business web hosting to anybody who wantsrepparttar 135983 assurance that they won't be hung out to dry atrepparttar 135984 first whiff of somebody in a bad mood.

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