Adsense – When should you use it?

Written by Joanne King

Well I have several sites, some of them I applyrepparttar AdSense to; to make a few extra pennies and some of my websites I wouldn’t even dream of placing Adsense to.

For example, I will not use AdSense on a site that I wish to sell one product on, especially my own products. This can take your potential prospects away from what you want them to buy. Why would you risk losing them to your competition or to another site for a few lousy cents? Or dollars if you gotrepparttar 143308 “higher” end priced AdSense ads on your site.

All sites where I am selling a specific product will not have any out going links for me. I want to keep them on my site for as long as possible.

However, I will use AdSense on sites that are more alongrepparttar 143309 lines of “Free Content” websites. Usually these websites I set up, I use directly for making money with AdSense.

Can you start an Internet Business for Free?

Written by Joanne King

Well, it’s definitely possible however extremely difficulty and a LOT of hard work. However, if your still hell bent on giving it a go for free then I will tell you how you can do it.

Firstly, you need a product. So what’s something you can create for free that won’t cost you a cent? An e-book? Or if you haverepparttar know-how perhaps a software program?

Now that you have a product to sell you’re going to need a website. Free web hosting that doesn’t have any ads and has a short url is at: . The last thing you want is a bunch of ads running up and down and through-out your website (this will most likely turn your visitors off).

Once you’ve prepared your sales letterrepparttar 143307 next step will be to prepare to take payments. An automated “free” option for expecting credit cards online is paypal (oh it’s a nifty little tool I tell ya ;-) )

Now you’ve got your product (that you created for free), free web hosting and a free merchant account so you can receive automated payments, what’s next? Well, you won’t be able to sell a darn brass razoo without any visitors! So how can you bring potential customers to your site without paying for them?

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