Adsense-ble, Or ”The Art Of Promoting, Without Promoting”

Written by Kenth Nasstrom

Adsense, a new way for almost anyone online to make a profit. All you have to do is to get cleared by Google, put some code on your web pages. And wait for someone to come and click! Hey, wait a minute.

You can't have popups onrepparttar page. Ok, no problem. Moreover, you can't tell anyone you have an ad from Google onrepparttar 128288 page. You can't write about it, point to it or tell someone to click on it.

Also, remember that you are not allowed to make a traffic pulling page, with no other way to leave it besiderepparttar 128289 ad.

You must have more links onrepparttar 128290 page (now what, will anyone notice it?).

So how can you help up your click conversion rates?

1.Placement. Do not hide your ad. Putrepparttar 128291 ad torepparttar 128292 left or somewhere nearrepparttar 128293 top to ensure that anyone will see it without any scrolling.

2.Colors. There are several schools, each one pulling their way. One way is to contrastrepparttar 128294 ad as much as possible (but still possible to read it). The second one is to blend inrepparttar 128295 ad with your site as much as possible.

Click conversion rates

People say that a click through of 5-10% is very good, while others are happy with 3-5%. I have pages reaching 30% click through and they have several product and affiliate links, plus sales copy for products.

Getting Visitors To Stay Through Web Based Marketing

Written by Martin Lemieux

Getting Visitors To Stay Through Web Based Marketing By: Martin Lemieux

9/10 times your web site visitors won't stay for more than 15 seconds. This is how you get them to stay, or should I say, get them to come back!

For most of you, your web site is a great brochure. It probably outlines your services very well. There's nothing wrong with that what-so-ever!


There are creative marketing strategies that you can implement so that you don't entirely loose your clients, you just need to keep them inrepparttar loop for whenrepparttar 128287 time comes for them to buy.

"Marketing Online - Is about creative patience"

Being creative with your web marketing ventures is crucial but it doesn't necessarily react like print magazine ads or like newspaper press releases. No, it takes time for something to kick into full force.

This is why you should always keep on top of creating something new because, just like regular marketing, if you don't have another campaign ready to go when your done this one, you'll start to loose prospects onrepparttar 128288 way and create a slow period for your business.

You want your world online to consistently grow. Don't grow too quickly, just grow and keep growing with all your marketing efforts.

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