Ads Not Pulling? Don't Blame the Publisher Yet! Ad Writer's Tips and Tricks

Written by Robert Olson

We all work hard to write that hot prospect pulling ad but many times we get little or no response at all. Publishers take alot of heat when it comes to this problem. Justrepparttar other day I listened as an ezine publisher told a story of a guy who wanted all his money back when his ad didn't pull. Shouldrepparttar 101127 publisher give a refund? For many years I was an advertising consultant inrepparttar 101128 mail order industry. I heard so many people complain about how bad so and so publication was and how it didn't pull any or very few responses. Sometimes, people never consider that their ad may have been to blame forrepparttar 101129 outcome. As advertisers, we need to shoulderrepparttar 101130 responsiblity. We need to understand that to write ads that pull, means learning another profession or at least learningrepparttar 101131 bare basics so our advertising is not in vain. Read on and you can discoverrepparttar 101132 ad writer's formula used for decades by successful copywriters. First, think about words for a moment. Think about how powerful they can be. Words.... so powerful they can cause people to fight or a whole country to go to war. Words make us laugh and they can make us cry but they can also make people buy! Ads written with a proven formula and withrepparttar 101133 right words can pull responses like crazy. Ifrepparttar 101134 ad is in a place where it can be read for years,repparttar 101135 responses will just keep coming. One of my best ads was placed in mail order publications back in 1993 and today I still get responses to that particular ad everyday! Here is that ad: Save up to 50% on Groceries! Plus Earn Thousands of $$$'s Helping Others Save! Write or call today! This ad was written usingrepparttar 101136 basic formula that most copywriters use. The fact is that anyone can use this formula and when you, you will see measurable results. Here isrepparttar 101137 formula: attract - Attention generate - Interest stimulate - Desire ask for - Action When people are scanning ads, and their eyes move across your ad, you only have a few seconds if that to capture their attention. The first objective is to write a headline that can attractrepparttar 101138 reader's Attention. This isrepparttar 101139 first step ofrepparttar 101140 four part formula for writing successful ads. You want it to be your ad that grabsrepparttar 101141 reader's attention. You may have to write pages of different headlines to


Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Whether you're advertising a product on print, radio or Internet, these 7 secrets will help you write and successfully advertise your product:

YOUR HEADLINE OR TITLE PROMISES SOMETHING TO YOUR CONSUMER. Yep, you gotta grab their attention atrepparttar outset -- that is, by way of your headline. Tell me, would you buy a product after reading this headline: "New Hair Growth Shampoo Now In The Market!" I don't know about you, but if it was something like, "50% Hair Growth In 7 Days!" I'd buyrepparttar 101126 product and try it out to see if it delivers what it promised inrepparttar 101127 headline. It's a more effective headline thanrepparttar 101128 first because it gives a concrete result in only a short time. Bald or semi-bald people are more likely to buyrepparttar 101129 product when they readrepparttar 101130 second headline.

A GOOD LEAD FOLLOWS A GOOD HEADLINE. If you've written a very good headline, chances are you'll be able to write a good lead based on that. The key here is to support your headline with facts in your lead as well as elaborate your headline. Another tip: Don't waste words explaining to your readers and target consumers what they already know. Go straight torepparttar 101131 point. Zero in on your product and what it can do for them. Again, taking our example fromrepparttar 101132 hair growth shampoo, don't waste a paragraph explainingrepparttar 101133 causes of baldness. Give them specifics and facts right away such as how effective your hair growth shampoo is as well as tests conducted.

BE CONVINCING BY PROVIDING AMPLE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT. Ask yourself, "What can I say or write here to convince my readers or potential customers to actually buy my product?" List things related to your product and write them in a logical manner. Remember that grabbing their attention from your headline and lead is winning halfrepparttar 101134 battle. The next step is for you to convince them to buy your product once you have their complete attention.

TREAT YOUR AD COPY LIKE A NOVEL OR A STORY. If you want sales results, learn how to write and present your advertisement in a logical manner. Treat it as if you're writing a short story or a novel: you have an introduction, you have a conflict, a climax and finally a solution. Make your readers and potential customers feel likerepparttar 101135 ad is really for them. Organize your sales points according to importance: start withrepparttar 101136 most important and then finish off withrepparttar 101137 least.

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