Adolph Eichmann

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

ADOLF EICHMANN: - Talk about a web of deceit and gross manipulation of facts! He tried to makerepparttar world, andrepparttar 144601 British in particular, live up torepparttar 144602 Balfour Declaration that was arranged by Jewish participants in supportingrepparttar 144603 German defeat inrepparttar 144604 first war to and all wars. The rest ofrepparttar 144605 world is so politically correct and willing to blame anti-Semitism onrepparttar 144606 Germans who were willing to letrepparttar 144607 Jews go free and worked very hard to get a state of their own for them.. I think Arizona would have been a great place for them to develop a nation within a nation inrepparttar 144608 same wayrepparttar 144609 Palestinians could benefit from (orrepparttar 144610 Kurds) today. Why isrepparttar 144611 world so entranced with nations and borders? Canít we have other ways to govern efficiently such asrepparttar 144612 Economic Unions now taking power away from old archaic sovereign states founded on Divine Rights and Manifest Destiny?

Child Protection Bills Lose, Yet You Still Can Do Something

Written by Ryan Orr

I will not go into theological debate here, but I have always believed that if God had wanted me to have pockets or be covered He would have had those included when I was born. He gave us a skin for that. If He wanted me to be black or brown or white or yellow or red (none of which are natural colors I might add) He would have made me exactly how He wanted me. If he wanted me to be tattooed, those would have been included as well, and if He wanted me to have more holes in my body than I have, He would have included them as well. Heaven forbid, most of us leak outrepparttar holes we already have...

If you believe only in evolution, then evolution would have created all of those things as well. However God, nor evolution did that now did they?

As an adult, you have certain choices you can make in your life. If you choose to molest your body for whatever reason that is up to you. If you like some old man or woman to finger your private parts putting stain or piercing's on them that too is up to you.

However getting a strange new haircut, that will grow out again, at least until you go bald, is one thing, a child has certain rights too you know. A child does not haverepparttar 144600 right to permanently harm or molest him or herself, allow themselves to be abused when so much abuse is already going on in our State. As adults they have plenty of time to decide if they want these things done.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Michael Sanchez, D-Belen, said it's wrong to hold tattoo parlors responsible for enforcing communication that should already be taking place between a child and their parents.

Sen. Rod Adair, R-Roswell,repparttar 144601 bill's sponsor, saidrepparttar 144602 law was necessary to give parentsrepparttar 144603 ability to help their children make responsible decisions about tattoos and piercing's. He is correct. Without his billrepparttar 144604 parents are legally kept out ofrepparttar 144605 loop regarding these life-changing decisions. Yet by law, a minor can not buy a cigarette, or liquor with or without parent permission.

Let me understand this. If A child skips school a lot,repparttar 144606 parents payrepparttar 144607 price, notrepparttar 144608 child. If a business sells liquor to a child,repparttar 144609 business gets fined, it can't sell liquor for a whopping single day - more on that in another article.

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