Adding the Right Keywords to Your Website Content

Written by Megan Corwin

You've made your website, added a great title and keywords inrepparttar meta tags. That's it, right?

Not quite. There is another simple strategy to get more bang out ofrepparttar 119373 content of your page knowing what words people are using for their searches and then incorporating them into your website.

Here's a handy tool that will be your guide to finding those words:

Let's step through an example for a candle business: Type candle inrepparttar 119374 search box andrepparttar 119375 results return christmas candle, yankee candle, making candle, candle holder, and candle supply in addition to justrepparttar 119376 word candle.

How can a candle company business benefit from this knowledge? By working as many of these results intorepparttar 119377 site content as can be done reasonably.

Link Popularity and the Myth of the Guestbook Link

Written by Eric Ward - Link Mensch

You have probably been to a site that had a section called a "Guestbook". Many sites ask you to "sign their guestbook", and many of these guestbooks also permit HTML code inrepparttar guestbook comments, meaning you or I or anyone can visit guestbooks on web sites all day long and systematically create links back to our sites from hundreds of other site's guestbooks.

Naturally, some web marketers (probablyrepparttar 119372 ones that think exit pop-ups are useful) think that by signing guestbooks and adding links byrepparttar 119373 hundreds they will improve their link popularity scores at search engines. Before you get excited and do a Google search onrepparttar 119374 phrase "sign our guestbook" (1.9 million BTW) and head off like a link monkey, here's my take onrepparttar 119375 whether guestbook links are valid, ignored, or penalized, and if they have any impact onrepparttar 119376 success of a web site's link popularity.

Guestbook links are really no different than FFA links, if you think about it. FFA (Free For All) pages are pages where a link can be obtained by anyone (even a script) without human intervention, meaning no person even looks to see ifrepparttar 119377 requesting site has any decent content. Such link lists are obviously useless. Ask yourself when wasrepparttar 119378 last time you went to a FFA link list to find a useful web site. How about never?

And since ANY site owner could dorepparttar 119379 same thing--sign a thousand guestbooks--how much credibility can such links truly have? None. If I run a site that sells snake oil I can spend my days signingrepparttar 119380 guestbooks ofrepparttar 119381 best sites onrepparttar 119382 web and leech some link popularity from them? Nope.

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