Add years to your life and save your heart for free

Written by Nicholas Webb

If you were told that you can add years to your life, get your cholesterol levels back to normal and protect yourself from heart disease and atherosclerosis, all for free would you believe it?

No need forrepparttar latest “fashionable” supplement or designer drug. No need to worry about unwanted drug side-effects and expense. You don’t even have to be too concerned about your “bad” LDL cholesterol! Yes, you read correctly.

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t …

Every dayrepparttar 145953 evidence is piling up that links an increased risk of heart disease and stroke more strongly to low levels ofrepparttar 145954 “good” HDL cholesterol rather than to high levels ofrepparttar 145955 “bad” LDL. Studies have clearly shown that for every one-milligram rise in HDL,repparttar 145956 risk for developing cardiovascular disease falls by 2 to 3 percent. There is a really simple, zero cost way of increasing your HDL by 5mg – that means a 15% reduction inrepparttar 145957 possibility of suffering from heart disease!

For some time it has been known that HDL cholesterol is a so-called negative risk factor, meaning high levels zeros one of your other risk factor on your overall health profile. But this latest evidence takesrepparttar 145958 HDL issue one step further.

The good news is that it is quite easy to increase levels of HDL and while doing so often levels ofrepparttar 145959 so-called “bad” LDL decrease. So, you actually get twice your money’s worth. In fact,repparttar 145960 HDL actually cleans uprepparttar 145961 potentially harmful cholesterol from your arteries and sends it off torepparttar 145962 liver where it is eliminated. But it doesn’t end there, it also acts as an antioxidant that helps stop oxidationrepparttar 145963 bad cholesterol. Inflammation has also been receiving a lot of press coverage as being one ofrepparttar 145964 culprits for heart disease, well guess what? HDL is also an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to repair what artery disease. It can also help keep blood clots from blocking arteries.

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Written by Sara Jenkins

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews arerepparttar general opinions ofrepparttar 145923 people aboutrepparttar 145924 company manufacturingrepparttar 145925 Heart Rate Monitors. These people have usedrepparttar 145926 Heart Rate Monitors and give reviews to show their satisfaction orrepparttar 145927 complaints, if any, aboutrepparttar 145928 company's product and performance.. Such a mixture of heart rate monitor reviews enablesrepparttar 145929 company to keep a timely check onrepparttar 145930 products.

Creating Heart Rate Monitor Reviews is one ofrepparttar 145931 most important tools of brand establishment forrepparttar 145932 company. Heart Rate Monitor Reviews sayrepparttar 145933 customer satisfaction words, afterrepparttar 145934 usage ofrepparttar 145935 the product manufactured byrepparttar 145936 company. They share their Heart Rate Monitor usage experiences withrepparttar 145937 company and other people. Moreover, review isrepparttar 145938 quickest method of enhancingrepparttar 145939 product value of a particular company.

Many ofrepparttar 145940 customers revert back torepparttar 145941 company with their reviews. The running calorie totals on these Heart Rate Monitor can be useful for weight management. And they work well as sports watch also. Many people prefer Polar Heart Rate Monitor and like to sharerepparttar 145942 reviews withrepparttar 145943 manufacturer.

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