Add some splash to your garden with a fountain

Written by Johann Erickson

One great way to add character to a garden is to add a fountain. Fountains, also called water features and water elements, can add elegance, a sense of peace or a feeling of fun to nearly any landscape design. The sound of flowing or trickling water is comforting and relaxing for most people, so it helps makerepparttar environment inviting. In addition, practitioners of feng shui often suggest fountains for enhancing energy flow.

When selecting a fountain, it is important to considerrepparttar 135148 personality ofrepparttar 135149 space you want to decorate, as well asrepparttar 135150 effect you would like to create. Fountains are available in a myriad of sizes, materials and designs sorepparttar 135151 possibilities are limitless. Some fountains are built intorepparttar 135152 landscape, while others are self-contained and can be placed nearly anywhere.

The centerpiece fountain
A centerpiece fountain is usually most appropriate for a large outdoor space. Consider using a centerpiece fountain as a focal point for your garden design. Often centerpiece fountains are sculptures consider them as works of art and choose a fountain that you will enjoy and that makes you feel good to view. Usually centerpiece fountains are made of stone, cement or resin.

A large fountain can be used in a smaller place such as a patio garden, but only ifrepparttar 135153 primary use ofrepparttar 135154 space is not impeded byrepparttar 135155 fountain's placement. For example, if children play inrepparttar 135156 space or groups of adults gather for drinks and barbecue, a fountain inrepparttar 135157 center is probably a bad idea. However ifrepparttar 135158 patio is used for reading, tiny gatherings, or just observingrepparttar 135159 sunset, a fountain may berepparttar 135160 perfect accent.

While small waterfalls can be self-contained units, most waterfalls are integrated

Improving Your Health & Quality of Life with Flowers

Written by Burgundy Shank

Most people can appreciate flowers for their extreme beauty and wonderful scents. We have such a strong connection with them, responding very positively to their ability to bring joy, as well as their use at gatherings such as weddings, funerals and like celebrations.

Flowers also posses an even deeper ability to help heal our bodies when we are not at our best, and prevent illnesses from returning. Many flowers posses an essence, or life’s energy, within their petals that can greatly enhance different aspects of our lives. Whilerepparttar list is great, I’d like to talk about some commonly available ones that are simple to introduce into daily life, returning extreme benefits with minimal effort.

Lavender flowers are recognized by many for their relaxing properties. What many people aren’t aware of is that they’re also very handy for cooking! Whilerepparttar 135097 essential oil is unsafe to digest,repparttar 135098 fresh flowers can provide significant flavor to sugar by placing a spring into a jar and allowing it to sit for a couple of weeks. Those who are handy inrepparttar 135099 kitchen will enjoy lavender to makerepparttar 135100 most delicious cookies and ice cream. Even in its dried form, lavender can be steeped to produce a flowery tasting tea, or cooled for an incredibly moisturizing facial rinse.

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