Add Sizzle to Your Surroundings

Written by M J Plaster

Is your home décor lacking that extra something that spellsrepparttar difference between comfortable and vibrant or between comfortable and tranquil? Candles might be justrepparttar 100039 polish your décor needs. Take advantage ofrepparttar 100040 sparkling colors, rich textures, and fresh scents of candles without draining your decorating budget.

Some candles are best unadorned, but candleholders offer an additional opportunity to highlight their presence and beauty. You don't have to burnrepparttar 100041 candles; you can use them as objects d'art, incorporating them into displays, floral arrangements and centerpieces—alone as an accent piece, or in a grouping as a focal point.

Typical candles no longer exist—they belong to a bygone era. Tapers gave way to thick and varied heights long ago. Today, you'll find square candles, heart-shaped candles, fruit and vegetable candles, gingerbread candles, floral candles, Christmas tree and ornament candles, and candles with artistic free-flowing shapes. Within that variety of shapes, you'll find an endless array of adornments, such as beads and glitter, straw, botanicals embedded inrepparttar 100042 wax, still life scenes, etc.

Color, Shape and Texture

Today's candles come in a wide variety of hues and shades, and many addrepparttar 100043 dimension of shape and texture to their composition. Marbled, frosted, and sculptured candles are widely available in a selection of sizes, shapes and prices—ranging from votives to thick, oversized candles.

If your living areas are frozen in time with a monochromatic color scheme—you knowrepparttar 100044 rooms we mean, they looked oh-so-good on paper until you lived in them for a month—use candles to rescue you fromrepparttar 100045 monotony withoutrepparttar 100046 expense of redecorating. Marbled candles are a quick and easy way to work complementary or harmonizing color intorepparttar 100047 room.

If your home utilizes color well, but lacks excitement, accessorize with textured candles to add pizzazz torepparttar 100048 room. Positionrepparttar 100049 candles to create a focal point or to add justrepparttar 100050 right accent. Marbled candles incorporate several hues and shades ofrepparttar 100051 same color, and variegated candles can tie all ofrepparttar 100052 colors in your décor together.

Sculptured candles provide a warm substitute for expensive knickknacks and require a minimum of space. Add smaller sculptured candles to guest bathrooms along with guest hand towels and guest soaps. It'srepparttar 100053 attention to detail that rolls outrepparttar 100054 welcome mat for guests and createsrepparttar 100055 ambiance of a memorable stay.


Written by John Rocco

With so many homeowners inrepparttar market for more energy efficient windows and doors for their home, i thought i would use this week's article to coverrepparttar 100038 more common terms used to describe a window's ability to insulate your home fromrepparttar 100039 elements. There is an organization called The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). Their purpose is to test each window manufacturer's product to independently verifyrepparttar 100040 ratings for each test administered. So, let's discuss each test and what it means.

First, there isrepparttar 100041 U-Factor. This number representsrepparttar 100042 rate that heat escapes throughrepparttar 100043 window. Therefore,repparttar 100044 lowerrepparttar 100045 U-Factor,repparttar 100046 betterrepparttar 100047 window. Most vinyl replacement windows with standard, dual pane glass, have a U-Factor around .5. When you add LowE glass in place ofrepparttar 100048 standard clear glass,repparttar 100049 U-Factor comes down below .4. By replacingrepparttar 100050 air betweenrepparttar 100051 panes of glass with Argon or Krypton gas,repparttar 100052 U-Factor can be reduced to around .3. The Government's energy star program requires a window to have a U-Factor below a certain number in order to be energy star rated. You need to find out what that rating is in your particular area ofrepparttar 100053 country. You can start by going to The energy star website. In areas ofrepparttar 100054 country where rebates are given for installing energy star rated products in your home, you will only receiverepparttar 100055 rebate by proving that your windows have a U-Factor less thanrepparttar 100056 maximum allowed. That proof comes fromrepparttar 100057 manufacturer's NFRC label affixed to each window.

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