Ad Copywriting: Building Brand Equity one Word at a Time

Written by Jon Wuebben

Ah…advertisements, those wonderfully adorable little vignettes that come to us at all hours ofrepparttar day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year. Seventy percent of them are ineffective. Probably more than that actually. And a lot of them can become very annoying.

But then there are those ads – those special ads that stand out and make you say, “Hey, that was a really good ad!” For us inrepparttar 139402 ad and copywriting business, that may happen a little more often, simply because we tend to pay more attention to things that interest us. But, when it happens for you, what do you think it is that is making you take notice?

Well an advertisement is obviously an image, coupled with a message (copy). But not allrepparttar 139403 time. Sometimes it’s just an image, other times it’s just copy. But more often than not, it’s a combination. Well, in this article, we’re dealing withrepparttar 139404 Copy aspect. And in my opinion, that’srepparttar 139405 most important part. But then again, I’m a little biased! Well, anyway, here are some tried and true methods for making sure you have written world-class ad copy that can begin to build Brand Equity.

1)Clarifyrepparttar 139406 Goal ofrepparttar 139407 Ad Copy. What do you wantrepparttar 139408 consumer to do after seeingrepparttar 139409 ad? Do you want them to buy your product, “call now”, go to your website, or send for a brochure? Whatever it is, make sure you know before you even put pen to paper. (or hands to keyboard) The “Call to Action” as it is known in its classic form, is without a doubt one ofrepparttar 139410 two most important parts ofrepparttar 139411 ad copy. The other is the…

2)Headline! …Headline! Headline! Headline! We’ve heard it a million times – a great headline can make a business rich overnight. And it’s true. The headline is critical. The mission is to reach out torepparttar 139412 consumer as they are paging through that magazine, surfingrepparttar 139413 web or channel surfing their TV and magically bring them intorepparttar 139414 ad. How are you going to do it? Do a lot of brainstorming before you decide onrepparttar 139415 headline. That will help flesh outrepparttar 139416 idea. When you haverepparttar 139417 right one, you’ll know. It will easily stand aboverepparttar 139418 rest.

3)Write like People Talk. This is not a research paper! Not even close to it. This is a conversation with your customer, only it’s written (or spoken) and it’s one-way communication. That is,repparttar 139419 potential customer can’t ask questions ofrepparttar 139420 ad. Or can they? Well, at least not now they can’t, but definitely inrepparttar 139421 future. Great ad copy is persuasive prose that convincesrepparttar 139422 consumer to buy. Write like people talk. You’ll bond withrepparttar 139423 potential customer that much more.

4)Be Inventive. How do you make your ad really stand out? How about creating a new metaphor? That’s a tough one. But it has been done. Maybe you can find a unique way of expressing an idea or concept inrepparttar 139424 ad. A new way of approaching an old subject can really bring it to life. This is also one step that most copywriters forget about.

Hiring a GREAT Copywriter

Written by Jon Wuebben

Hiring a great copywriter can be a challenge.

There are a lot of good writers out there. There are even a lot of great writers out there. But a copywriter- a great copywriter, does more than just write. A great copywriter hasrepparttar ability to write persuasively, research facts, and think in terms ofrepparttar 139401 “total marketing piece”- because copy is only a part ofrepparttar 139402 ad, brochure, website, or flyer.

Many times, they see a business or idea in a new light. They draw outrepparttar 139403 key benefits of your product or service. Ultimately, a great copywriter communicates those benefits with excitement and hasrepparttar 139404 ability to create that feeling inrepparttar 139405 consumers mind.

We’ve all read an ad that was so incredibly compelling that it literally made us pick uprepparttar 139406 phone or jump online, and orderrepparttar 139407 product. Advertising isrepparttar 139408 science and art of convincing consumers to give up their hard earned money for a particular product or service.

Copywriters really only write for one purpose. To persuade.

They increase your sales and generate sales leads when their ad and direct mail copy persuade prospects that your product is better thanrepparttar 139409 competition. A great copywriter is a GREAT persuader.

The best copywriters inrepparttar 139410 business are tireless researchers. Those who becomerepparttar 139411 best have an insatiable interest about products, services, new ideas, consumers and advertising. Copywriters are curious people. They study human nature and try and findrepparttar 139412 best angle. They like to uncover new ways to represent a product. They get a rush when they ultimately findrepparttar 139413 unique selling proposition for your product or service. A great copywriter is a GREAT researcher.

Copywriters are creators. They think up compelling ideas and haverepparttar 139414 innate ability to turn them into powerful prose. Copywriters think visually. Many people don’t see them in these terms, but they are artists too—artists ofrepparttar 139415 written word. They also think in terms of words. When coming up with a headline, they're simultaneously thinking of an image that will complementrepparttar 139416 copy. Copywriters enjoy working with graphic designers, art directors and creative directors in creating great advertising and direct marketing. A great copywriter has a GREAT ability to think in terms ofrepparttar 139417 total marketing piece.

Sometimes trying to findrepparttar 139418 right angle for a product or service can be frustrating. A great copywriter can come into a new situation, quickly assessrepparttar 139419 facts, and see what others cannot. A great copywriter brings a fresh perspective. They haverepparttar 139420 ability to see things in a new light. That’s why a headline that never worked suddenly starts working like a miracle after being changed. Sometimes it’s simple. Other times, it can be a little more complex. Either way, a GREAT copywriter hasrepparttar 139421 ability to cast a product or service inrepparttar 139422 right light.

Copywriters focus on benefits. Great copywriters findrepparttar 139423 right set of benefits and focus on them like a laser. When a consumer readsrepparttar 139424 copy, they find they are agreeing with whatrepparttar 139425 copy is saying. They may have never even realized they neededrepparttar 139426 product or service. But,repparttar 139427 copywriter knew it. And they knew how to get insiderepparttar 139428 consumers head. Great copywriters know people inside and out- and they know what motivates them. Working with a GREAT Copywriter

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