Ad Copy Secrets Of The Rich And Not So Famous

Written by Dan Brown

1. Use a hand written letter on your ad copy instead of text. Writerepparttar ad on a piece of paper, scan it and publishrepparttar 140401 ad on your web page. Adding a personal touch will always increase your sales.

2. Publish a list of famous and respected customers who have bought from you on your a copy. People will think that if these people bought from you, they should also trust your business and purchase your products. Make sure to get their permission first.

3. Show before and after photos for your products on your web page copy. Showrepparttar 140402 problem picture and then beside it, showrepparttar 140403 picture ofrepparttar 140404 resolution torepparttar 140405 problem when they use your product.

4. Include an article or review that has been written about you or your business with your ad copy. This will show people that your business is respected and will increase your credibility.

5. When you offer free bonuses in your ad copy, also listrepparttar 140406 dollar value beside each bonus. People will feel they're getting a good deal and it will increaserepparttar 140407 value of your product.

6. Hire a famous person to endorse your product or service. Make surerepparttar 140408 person is well known to your target audience. Include their picture and statements on your ad copy.

Can you make you customers buy like Crazy

Written by Ron Cripps

Can you Make your Customers Spend like Crazy

In a Perfect World this would be a fantastic thing to Happen in your internet business. To have your customers throwing money at you for any product or service you were marketing.

And of courserepparttar icing onrepparttar 139749 cake would be to have your customers searching for you instead of you having to search for them.

I'm sure we would all love to be in this scenario I think its called Internet Marketing Heaven. If this was true how secure are you feeling right now withrepparttar 139750 only worry being to findrepparttar 139751 time to count all of that money you made today!

Well what if I told you this can and does happen, but what is also true is that it does not happen by chance or good luck. I have ran adcopy that has set my website on fire with traffic and leads. I have also ran adcopy that has not attracted one prospective customer.

And what have I learnt from these experiences is test,test and test some more...

Giverepparttar 139752 Customer what he wants

And how do you do that you ask?

Get to know your customers analyzerepparttar 139753 keywords see what is working on your Website and what is not. Find out who your customers are,the age and whether they are male or female.

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