AdWords Analyzer Review - Pros and Cons

Written by Gerardas Norkus

Adwords Analyzer ( is a remarkable keywords research tool that can save you a bunch of time and help compete inrepparttar pay-per-click market.

If you advertise with Google Adwords, you probably know that when there are less than 8 ads for a particular search term, you can be onrepparttar 135106 front page of Google biddingrepparttar 135107 minimum 5 cents for that phrase.

So, instead of using Overture's Keyword Selector Tool ( or Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool ( to find those lucrative keywords for your pay per click campaigns, and then going to Google or Overture to find how many advertisers compete for your keywords, you could simply fire up Jeff Alderson's Adword Analyzer, punch in a search term you are interested in researching and press a button.

In a matter of minutesrepparttar 135108 results will show you how often that keyword, and a list of related keywords, were searched for, how much competition there is for these keywords andrepparttar 135109 profitability ratio. Neat huh?

You can visit a short Video Tutorial for Ad Word Analyzer and see howrepparttar 135110 program could help you with your PPC campaigns:

Here is a short list ofrepparttar 135111 major pros and cons of Adword Analyzer:


1) If your target market is inrepparttar 135112 USA, you can query for a number of Google Adwords campaigns no matter where you live. For example, I live in Lithuania and unless I userepparttar 135113 software I cannot see how many advertisers compete forrepparttar 135114 USA market.

The Usefullness f Traffic Exchanges

Written by Yvonne Finn

Traffic exchanges... that eternal clicking and surfing, has for a long time interested me.

I never quite understood why they were supposed to work inrepparttar first place, givenrepparttar 134995 greed and selfishness of people in general.

The premise is that you earn visits to your offer/business from other surfers/clickers and you also returnrepparttar 134996 favor. Hencerepparttar 134997 term, traffic exchange!

Fromrepparttar 134998 beginning, I saw a problem with this model of promoting.

Self-interest and rule breaking seems to berepparttar 134999 only way that some people know how to do business.

So they spend their energy and skills finding ways around having to view other marketers' effect, they cheat!

As well, just about every Traffic Exchange program onrepparttar 135000 Internet has an upgrade. So now you can buy thousands of page/website views without having to surf, click on or view others' website.

So who is supposed to be looking at your offer?

I have written to many ofrepparttar 135001 owners of these Traffic exchanges, asking them why people should spend all this time surfing. The ones who answered, have either been vague or sent me more ofrepparttar 135002 same hype that they use to advertise their program.

Recently, I have seen several articles, written by acclaimed "gurus" citingrepparttar 135003 demise ofrepparttar 135004 Traffic Exchanges.

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