Activities to Help You Meet Mr. or Mrs. Right

Written by Sadie Peterson

At some time or another, all of us find ourselves in a bit of a dating rut. Follow these steps to easily expand your social circle.

1.Dorepparttar things you love Ė Too many of us donít go out and do things because we donít like doing them alone. But I make it a point to go kayaking regularly, renting a kayak from a local shop. Why? Because this will put you in contact with other people who share your interests. And, of course, youíll be talking to these people, as instructed in Step 1. Also, no matter what your hobby, your local shop will probably have a bulletin board listing outings and activities of interest, giving you more ideas for meeting new people. Askrepparttar 135643 counter clerk whether he knows of anyone who meets for your specific hobby. Iíve found several informal social kayaking groups this way.

2.Start something Ė This isnít for everyone, but if youíre a great organizer, find a project. Do you notice that your new apartment complex or neighborhood never has any get-togethers? Why not plan one yourself, and hand out flyers? Or maybe you love scrapbooking, but canít seem to find anyone else to share your interests. Start a scrapbooking get-together once a week! Try to help you get started.

Star Wars Episode III - How Will the Story Middle?

Written by David Kuhne

Star Wars Episode III, Revenge ofrepparttar Sith, is due out May 19, 2005. Inrepparttar 135642 meantime, all we can do is guess how Lucas might choose to close uprepparttar 135643 loop of storyline connectingrepparttar 135644 prequels torepparttar 135645 original Trilogy. What follows is a series of speculations on whatrepparttar 135646 story might include, so if you don't want any exposure to such thing, it would be prudent for you to find something else to read.

Undoubtedlyrepparttar 135647 most powerful character transformation in this movie will be Anakin's fall torepparttar 135648 Dark Side. He has already takenrepparttar 135649 first steps in Episode II, his impatience and arrogance playing primary roles in this foreshadowing. Almost certainly Anakin and Obi-Wan will have to confront each other, likely resulting in a fight of some kind. A lightsaber battle between these two would be interesting to see, as of course both nowrepparttar 135650 other's style and technique. Each would have another advantage, as well: Anakin can fully userepparttar 135651 power ofrepparttar 135652 Dark Side to aid him, if he's that far along yet; and Obi-Wan has more experience and seems somewhat capable of protecting himself from such powers, ala blocking Dooku's lightning attack. Since we know both must surviverepparttar 135653 encounter to be in Episode IV, it would probably then end either by stalemate, distraction accompanied by one fleeing, or apparent death, such as falling off of a cliff. Also, we must realize that Vader, as seen in Episode IV, is in his life-support armor, so it is possible this fight is how he sustains those injuries.

Another hugely important facet ofrepparttar 135654 story isrepparttar 135655 downfall ofrepparttar 135656 Jedi. We have already seen their numbers drop in Episode II duringrepparttar 135657 Geonosis battle. Ifrepparttar 135658 Clone Wars are still in full swing during Episode III, more will be falling in this movie, as well. Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi obviously survive, so they must somehow escaperepparttar 135659 conflict in order to set themselves up forrepparttar 135660 Trilogy. Since Mace Windu is not mentioned in Episodes IV-VI, it can be assumed that he will die or his fate will be sealed in Revenge, as it would be incredibly cheap of Lucas to just say "Oh, well, he died somewhere inrepparttar 135661 gap, but I'm not going to tell you how." Mace is one heck of a fighter, so either his death will be spectacularly planned, or else he will have to sacrifice himself to save others (or just one other).

And, of course, if Lucas must tie uprepparttar 135662 loose ends to set up forrepparttar 135663 original Trilogy, then Luke and Leia will have to be addressed. It has been established that they are born aroundrepparttar 135664 time Episode III is supposed to be set, so they will likely factor in as an important element. It will be interesting to see what Yoda and Obi-Wan think of these two at this early point in time. Will they realize that they have such a vital role to play inrepparttar 135665 future? Just how much were they able to predict about their importance?

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