Active Vacations

Written by Ida Byrd-Hill

Every January people all overrepparttar world make a resolution to lose weight. By February most have forgottenrepparttar 151109 resolutions they made on New Years Day. In order to make any changes, such as weight loss,repparttar 151110 change must be incremental and weaved into our every day lives. We can reducerepparttar 151111 calories in our diet, we can cut out sweets. But to drop that weight immediately and tonerepparttar 151112 body we must exercise. Most people struggle with fitting exercise into their routine however they can jumpstart any weight loss change by taking an active vacation. An active vacation allows one to establish an exercise routine outside of a stressful everyday schedule. They vacation can be structured around bicycling, hiking, ice skating, kayaking, sailing, skiing, walking etc.

Imaginerepparttar 151113 warm breeze of Miami South Beach blowing on you body as you ride your bicycle downrepparttar 151114 beach. A five mile ride every day will createrepparttar 151115 beginning of toned and tanned body. Or hiking throughrepparttar 151116 rainforest of Costa Rica. The humidity ofrepparttar 151117 rainforest will perk any skin type. Hiking up and downrepparttar 151118 steep hills ofrepparttar 151119 rainforest will flatten any abdomen. Plusrepparttar 151120 constant humidity will flushrepparttar 151121 impurities out ofrepparttar 151122 body creating healthy balance.

An Ab Excercise For Everyone!

Written by Beth Scott

I donít have much of a problem with belly pouch or bulge, since Iíve been doing one ab excercise or another for most of my life to abs flat.

But most of you haven't done any kind of ab excercise recently or ever in your life so you can benefit by my experience with one particular ab excercise especially.

I know a small ab excercise that can literally whittle your waistline and work your abs atrepparttar same time. If you work diligently at this ab excercise, that is.

Here is my ab excercise: Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet resting onrepparttar 151085 floor.

Bend your right leg sideways and rest your right ankle on your left knee.

Link your fingers behind your head and situp, twisting your torso as you do, so that your left elbow touches your right knee.

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