Acting Dare To Dream

Written by Brittney L Dunn

Acting The universe and all of history is your classroom

It takes a very strong and dedicated person to pursue a career in acting. After all, you are doing it because you love it.

You couldn't imagine doing anything else. And of course, not many people will understand this.

Some people cannot understand why anyone would want to do something with such an unpredictable future. But you know it is you future, it must be.

No one can quiet explain that feeling that you get when you perform. One ofrepparttar most exciting things about acting is that you can be or do anything that you want. Allrepparttar 146837 worries and sorrows disappear. The stage is a very relaxing place. It's your home. You learn, grow, and develop there, as an actor and as a person.

The members ofrepparttar 146838 audience come to be entertained and/or educated. They are living out their fantasies through your character. Therefore, your portrayal ofrepparttar 146839 character must real and truthful.

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Written by Peter Morgan

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