Acne Solutions – Do You Need One?

Written by Peter Crump

Acne solutions occupyrepparttar minds of our teenagers. With acne beingrepparttar 146215 most common skin complaint inrepparttar 146216 world, and teenagers beingrepparttar 146217 most body conscious people in our society, acne solutions are keenly sought by our young.

Howeverrepparttar 146218 search for “acne solutions” or “acne cures” rests onrepparttar 146219 assumption that acne can be cured, muchrepparttar 146220 same as it is assumed that many other medical problems ofrepparttar 146221 modern age can be cured. The reality however, is different. Real acne solutions are just that, solutions, not cures.

It is a symptom of our fast fix society that if we have a problem we want an immediate fix. If we can’t fix it ourselves we assume that technology will come torepparttar 146222 rescue and provide a simple, painless low cost fix in a bottle.

Acne, unfortunately, isn’t so easy.

Acne affects, according to some, up to 95% if teenagers at some time in their teen or early adult years. It can be serious and debilitating, mild and easy to control, or usually somewhere in between. The market for acne cures is huge, billions of dollars.

And of course there are a myriad of acne remedies out there all claiming to berepparttar 146223 one and only. The magic bullet of acne cures. The one stop fix for every teenagers troubling acne.

Millions are spent in advertising these so called acne cures or acne remedies. Wild claims are made about their effectiveness. Guarantees are offered that they will work.

Howeverrepparttar 146224 reality of acne is that scientists still do not fully understand what causes it. The causes of acne are thought to be hormonal, or more specifically a hormonal imbalance, butrepparttar 146225 mechanism isn’t fully proven.

So despiterepparttar 146226 fact thatrepparttar 146227 market for acne remedies is huge, it is still true that acne cannot be cured. Acne is a condition caused by some mix of as yet unknown factors at work inrepparttar 146228 body, and will only stop whenrepparttar 146229 body decides it’s time for it to stop. Until then it will, or can, continue and this process is independent of attempts to cure it.

Purchasing the right sunglasses

Written by Timothy Gorman

Sunglasses come in many different styles shapes, colors and even Designer Brands. They can be purchased for as low as $5.00 and go as high asrepparttar upper hundreds. But it is not all about personal preference and making a fashion statement. The true function of sunglasses is protection from Ultra Violet Rays.

There are different lenses to choose from when out onrepparttar 146160 hunt for sunglasses. * Blue blockers are usually found in amber colors. They are popular with skiers, boaters and especially pilots due torepparttar 146161 fact that they block out that blinding blue light. * Photo chromic lenses arerepparttar 146162 lenses that adjustrepparttar 146163 levels of darkness according torepparttar 146164 level of Ultra Violet Rays that are being exposed. * There are also Mirror coated Lenses; they arerepparttar 146165 best for limitingrepparttar 146166 amount of light in. * Gradient Lenses are another type of lens that you find on sunglasses. They are darkest onrepparttar 146167 top and gradually get lighter asrepparttar 146168 tint reachesrepparttar 146169 bottom ofrepparttar 146170 lens. They are extremely helpful to people who drive for a living. The other Gradient lens is called double gradient. These lenses are darkest on top and bottom with lighter tint inrepparttar 146171 center ofrepparttar 146172 lens. They are also not recommended for driving.

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