Acne Facts And Treatments

Written by Kelly Gillis

One ofrepparttar worst times in a young teenage life is undoubtedly when she or he starts with an acne flair up. This can make a shy and awkward child even more shy and awkward and in our society where every young girl thinks she should look like Brittney or Lindsay, and every young boy a young Tom or Brad acne can really wreak havoc with a young developing self esteem.

Doctors and researchers are no longer calling a diet of chocolate and greasy foodrepparttar 148321 culprit. It has been shown through research thatrepparttar 148322 types of food eaten seem to have little effect on acne. Another myth that has been busted overrepparttar 148323 years is that blackheads and acne are caused by dirt. Not so.

One ofrepparttar 148324 major causes of acne is now thought to be rising hormone levels. Hormones found in both sexes increase during puberty and are thought to enlarge sebaceous glands and increase oil (sebum) development. Acne forms whenrepparttar 148325 pores get blocked and sebum cannot drain torepparttar 148326 surface ofrepparttar 148327 skin. Whenrepparttar 148328 sebum gets blocked, bacteria growth starts. Acne bacteria is called propionibacterium acnes. Some researchers think that acne may be hereditary and can be inherited from parents.

There are some external causes for acne. Heavy or greasy make ups can cause acne flair ups as can high humidity. Some prescription medications may have a side effect that causes acne.

Acne can be characterized in two ways, light to moderate or severe. Light to moderate acne is characterized by blackheads, whiteheads and papules. A severe case of acne would include cysts and nodules.

Facts About Hair Loss

Written by Kelly Gillis

Alopecia. A dreaded word for any man, or woman, who know it's true meaning and who have experienced it first hand. I'm talking about hair loss. Although alopecia, or hair loss, can occur anywhere onrepparttar body, it is most upsetting when it happens onrepparttar 148320 scalp whererepparttar 148321 loss can be embarrassing and difficult to cover up.

Any number of factors can be attributed to excessive hair loss such as an illness or major surgery, orrepparttar 148322 stress related to these. Some medications can contribute to hair loss. For women, hormone fluctuations, such as pregnancy can cause hair loss. Hair loss attributed to any of these causes is generally only temporary.

Most female hair loss occurs overrepparttar 148323 entire scalp. Women's hair loss generally begins at any age through 50, or later, and may not have any hereditary association. If you are a woman experiencing hair loss it is best to seek advice from a professional in hair restoration. Be aware that sometimes hair loss can be a sign of illness.

For some women, improper care, or being "hard" onrepparttar 148324 hair can cause hair loss. This would be most common for women who wear their hair in pigtails or tight cornrows. The pulling and tugging can cause hair loss and can promote scarring ofrepparttar 148325 scalp. Ifrepparttar 148326 pulling and tugging are stopped hair will usually grow back normally. Years of this type of abuse can cause permanent scarring which can prevent regrowth of hair.

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