"Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet" - Part 8

Written by Tasos Vasilopoulos

Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet By Tasos Vasilopoulos Part 8 - Time to create - Create your home page Introduction This article makes part of a series of 20 articles. The subject of this series isrepparttar creation and promotion of a website as a cost-effective method to establish a profitable home based business onrepparttar 116868 Internet. In my previous article, “Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet – Part 7 - Designrepparttar 116869 layout of your web pages”, I have pointed out what to take in consideration when designingrepparttar 116870 layout of your webpages. In this article I will teach you how to create your home page properly. Developing your skills on computer handling and Internet usage To create your personal website and publish it onrepparttar 116871 Internet you need to have basic knowledge of computers and Internet. This knowledge is divided into several parts, listed below: 1. Basic knowledge of your computer 1.1. What isrepparttar 116872 “hard disk” of your computer 1.2. What is a “folder”? How can you create, rename, copy, move or delete a folder? How can you examinerepparttar 116873 contents of a folder? How can you send a folder by email throughrepparttar 116874 Internet to another person? How can you zip a folder? 1.3. What is a “file”? How you can rename, copy, move, or delete a file. How you can open a file? How can you edit a file? How can you send a file by email throughrepparttar 116875 Internet to another person? How can you zip a file? What arerepparttar 116876 basic types of files? How can we distinguish them? 1.4. What is an “antivirus” program? Why do you have to use one? 1.5. What is a “backup copy” of your data that are stored in our computer? How can you make one? 1.6. What is a “word-processing” program? 1.7. What is an “image editing” program? 2. Basic knowledge ofrepparttar 116877 Internet 2.1. What is an “email client” program? What is an email account? How can I create one? How can you receive emails in your computer? How can you send emails, answer emails, forward emails, store emails, move emails, remove emails? 2.2. What is a “domain name” 2.3. What is a “URL” 2.4. What is a “browser”? What is a URL? What is an IP address? How can you visit a web page? How can you copy a web page fromrepparttar 116878 Internet to your hard disk? How can you copy a picture from a web page onrepparttar 116879 Internet to your hard disk? How can you keep track of web pages that you want to visit again? 2.5. What is “HTML”? How can you create a web page? What is a “HTML editor”? 2.6. What is a “website”? How can you create a website? What do you need to get your website published onrepparttar 116880 Internet? What is “FTP”? How can you transfer pages from your computer torepparttar 116881 Internet and vice versa?

Detailed answers to all these questions reside in Appendices A and B of my ebook at http://www.netincome.gr/nm-ebook/ebook.htm. Or you can search for these terms onrepparttar 116882 Internet. Time to create – Create your home page The content – The menu - The optimization procedure 1. The content You have 20 seconds to attractrepparttar 116883 attention of your visitor. So you need: - A home page small inrepparttar 116884 size, so that it will download fast in your visitor’s computer - A title that will presentrepparttar 116885 theme of your website withrepparttar 116886 proper words - A subtitle that will invite him to read more. These elements must describe exactly what he is looking for. The first impression counts most in order to keeprepparttar 116887 visitor and createrepparttar 116888 right atmosphere. Now comesrepparttar 116889 second phase. You have to stimulate his interest. What is in your website for him? How canrepparttar 116890 “product” that you offer be of benefit to him? Here you must present your offer in two paragraphs. This is what I am offering to you and this will be your return, in case you decide to acquire my “product”. And then you will pass torepparttar 116891 third phase. You must createrepparttar 116892 desire to your visitor to acquire your “product” in order to receiverepparttar 116893 returns you have mentioned. Finally, you must lead him to act. You have to put in front of his face your offer and invite him to makerepparttar 116894 call. Attract, interest, desire, act – The AIDA formula, you may have heard about inrepparttar 116895 Internet Marketing and not only. If one out of ten of your visitors decide to join your affiliate program and become your co-worker, then you must be satisfied of your web page. See an example in my home page at http://www.free-work-at-home-job.com There are some words that have a special effect torepparttar 116896 readers. I suggest you use them in your phrases. Study them atrepparttar 116897 end of this section, right below. 2. The menu The navigation bar must contain links torepparttar 116898 most important pages in your website. Must exist in every page. Must be placed inrepparttar 116899 same position in every page. Must berepparttar 116900 same in every page. Initially your menu will containrepparttar 116901 link torepparttar 116902 home page,repparttar 116903 link torepparttar 116904 page that describesrepparttar 116905 link exchange procedure and links torepparttar 116906 pages that containrepparttar 116907 links. In time, as you will be more familiar torepparttar 116908 creation of web pages, you may decide to improve your website by adding pages with useful content for your visitors, like tools, resources and reports. In fact you will have to do that. It is not an option. We will analyze this step inrepparttar 116909 creation of your website soon. 3. The web page optimization procedure After insertingrepparttar 116910 content andrepparttar 116911 menu and formattingrepparttar 116912 layout of your web pages comesrepparttar 116913 task of optimization. Every page must be optimized for a certain keyword, which must berepparttar 116914 main theme ofrepparttar 116915 website or a similar one. The rules of optimization to be presented and analyzed in this section must be effectuated inrepparttar 116916 home page in any case. This is obligatory. The first element to be optimized isrepparttar 116917 metatags inrepparttar 116918 “header” section of each web page. There are three metatags that affectrepparttar 116919 relevance of a web page to its theme: - The “title” metatag - The “description” metatag - The “keywords” metatag We have talked aboutrepparttar 116920 content of these three metatags previously in article “Part 2 – Search Engines Explained”. I will repeat hererepparttar 116921 requirements about them: - The title must have 15 or fewer words. It must containrepparttar 116922 keyword ofrepparttar 116923 web page two times. - The description must have 25 or fewer words. It must containrepparttar 116924 keyword at least one time. - The keywords must have 1000 characters atrepparttar 116925 most. It must not contain any keyword more than 6 times. Remember thatrepparttar 116926 title andrepparttar 116927 description is what someone sees from your website inrepparttar 116928 listing of a search engine, when he/she conducts a search. So, they must mean something and they must contain strong words. Also they must have to do withrepparttar 116929 content of your website. The second element to be optimized isrepparttar 116930 keyword density ofrepparttar 116931 web page. High search engine ranking requires your pages to maintain optimum keyword density. Keyword density isrepparttar 116932 ratio of a keyword torepparttar 116933 total words on a page. Keyword density is a critical aspect of search engine optimization. To rank highly, your keyword density must not be too high or too low. A density of 1% to 7% is generally considered good.

Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet - Part 13

Written by Tasos Vasilopoulos

Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet By Tasos Vasilopoulos Part 13 - Time to work – Start building your link popularity - Search forrepparttar right partners Introduction This article makes part of a series of 20 articles. The subject of this series isrepparttar 116867 creation and promotion of a website as a cost-effective method to establish a profitable home based business onrepparttar 116868 Internet. In my previous article, “Achieving financial freedom with Network Marketing on The Internet – Part 12 – Start building your link popularity – Your tools”, I have presented and analyzedrepparttar 116869 tools that you will have to use while building your link popularity. In this article I will present yourepparttar 116870 method to findrepparttar 116871 right websites to exchange links with. Search forrepparttar 116872 right partners Here startrepparttar 116873 second phase of your work. You begin to build your link popularity. Let us assume thatrepparttar 116874 theme of your website is “home based business” andrepparttar 116875 keyword of your home page is “home based business opportunity”. The best way to start is to go to Google’s Search Box and insert your keyword, “home based business opportunity”. Google will present you with its listing. Each page ofrepparttar 116876 listing contains 10 results, 10 web pages. You will go to page No 10 and will start fromrepparttar 116877 last website listed in it. You will visit this website, take a note of its URL, its Pagerank and its theme and you will examine if there is a page regarding exchanging links. If there is such a page, you will search forrepparttar 116878 reciprocal links procedure this website utilizes, if any. Then you will open your web page where you placerepparttar 116879 links about “home based business opportunities” or “home based business resources” and you will insert a link torepparttar 116880 homepage of this website. You will userepparttar 116881 URL, description and linking text that its webmaster indicates in his relative page. You will saverepparttar 116882 changes to your web page and upload it to your website onrepparttar 116883 Internet. Then you will communicate with this webmaster usingrepparttar 116884 procedure he indicates (by email or by form). If he incorporates a form for you to insertrepparttar 116885 linking information of your home page, then you will use this form and insert thererepparttar 116886 URL of your home page,repparttar 116887 title (linking text) andrepparttar 116888 description of it. If he desires to receive an email from you, then you will send an email with your name,repparttar 116889 domain name of your website andrepparttar 116890 phrase “Reciprocal Link Exchange Request” as its subject. As content I suggest you userepparttar 116891 text below, unless otherwise it is requested by that webmaster: ------------------------ Content ofrepparttar 116892 reciprocal link request -------------------------- Greetings: My name is Tasos Vasilopoulos from http://www.netincome.gr I recently visited your site and wondered whether you might be interested in exchanging a reciprocal link with my site. I have already placed a link to your website in my links page at: http://www.netincome.gr/links-home-business-opportunities.htm If interested, please respond with a reciprocal link to my website. Here is my linking information: Linking Text: "Home Based Business Opportunity onrepparttar 116893 Internet." Website URL: http://www.netincome.gr Description: "Build a profitable business completely onrepparttar 116894 Internet fromrepparttar 116895 comfort of your own home office - Earn income globally, 24 hours a day!"

Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Tasos Vasilopoulos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you cannot find a page regardingrepparttar 116896 link exchange procedure, then maybe this webmaster does not accept requests for reciprocal links. Maybe he is promoting his website otherwise, by purchasing links for example. Or he may have other websites that link to this website, but these links are not reciprocated. In that case, observe if he has links in his home page under a section named “partners” or “link partners” or “cooperators”. Then, visit one of these websites listed in this section and observe if it also has a section of this kind in its home page. Then probably this webmaster exchanges only “front page reciprocal links”, an advanced method of link exchange that we will discuss inrepparttar 116897 next article. You may need half an hour or even more to find out how to request a reciprocal link, set it up in your pages and sendrepparttar 116898 email. Prepare to receive answers from half ofrepparttar 116899 websites you requested a link exchange. You will send themrepparttar 116900 same email one week after and then another one after another week. If they do not answer, you will communicate with them after a month. Be patient, be persistent. They will answer. Remember always to be polite. Many webmasters are not professionals and make changes to their websites once a week or even every 15 days. Other webmasters receive many link exchange requests and need time to respond. Have patience. Keep a note aboutrepparttar 116901 status of each exchange request and move on. Here is an example of a second request for a reciprocal link: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear webmaster, I emailed you (or completed your link exchange form) a week ago after following your link exchange instructions on your website: http://www.free-work-at-home-job.com (writerepparttar 116902 name of his website here) As yet, I have not heard from you and I noticed that you have not yet linked back to my site. I appreciate that you must be busy, but I would be very grateful if you could add my link to your site.

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